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Blizzard Exoskeleton (Frame Mode)

Blizzard Mk10 Exoskeleton

Blizzard Exoskeleton Mk. 10 Series
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Niops Association
Niops New Project Workshop
Use Labor and ground reconnaissance vehicle
Weight Class Ultra Light/PA(L)/Exoskeleton
Tech Base Inner Sphere Technology
Cost Unpublished
Introduced Electric
Technical specifications
Mass 400 kg
Top Speed 32 km/h
Armament Mk 10A Weapons & Equipment
  • x1 Searchlight
  • x2 TAG
  • x2 Rocket Launcher 2
  • Jump Jets (30 Meters)
Armor Type Standard (Basic) 100 kg.
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 154 (770 for Point of 5)


The Blizzard Mk 10 Exoskeleton is a unique hybrid robotic suit & transportation system used by soldiers of the Niops Association Militia. Flexible system which allow operates of the exoskeleton to detach is from the person using a Combast Space Activity Suit, or CSAS and use it as a Electronic Motorcycle.

This exoskeleton was created by Giovanni Blasini for his story, The Adventures of the Beer Keg of Science!.


The Niops Association, when rebuilding their military industrial capacity, found themselves hard-pressed to duplicate their previous powered armor, the SLDF's Nighthawk series, with even simplified versions of the suit like the Nighthawk XXX, just beyond their ability. While they could have gone even more simple, building something like the Hurricane or Tornado PA(L) suits developed by ComStar or the Word of Blake to produce an even more simplified version of the Nighthawk, the engineers of the Niops New Project Workshops, in typical Niopian fashion, decided to make a suit that was simultaneously less and more complicated than the original.  The end result of this effort was the Blizzard powered exoskeleton and ground reconnaissance vehicle, perhaps the strangest exoskeleton in use anywhere, earning the suit the nickname "Blizzard of Odd".


Still very much a work in progress, the majority of Blizzard suits produced thus far have been assigned to the Niops Expeditionary Forces aboard the NMS Beer Keg of Science!, with most suits have been assigned to Marine teams aboard the ship.

In addition to Marine use, the current configuration of the Hornet LAM includes a 500-kg cargo bay, expressly for the purpose of providing an emergency vehicle for downed LAM pilots awaiting rescue.

Armament and Capabilities[]

Key to understanding the Blizzard was that, in many ways, Niopian engineers cheated.  The Combat Space Activity Suit, or CSAS, was already heavily used by Niops Association Militia XCT-trained infantry units as their standard body armor, combining a counter-pressure space suit with hard armor plates capable of withstanding ballistic and energy weapons.  Like a full hostile environment suit, the CSAS had nearly everything you needed to be an environmentally-sealed powered exoskeleton already.  They just needed a bit more of a physical boost, along with a bit more armor protection.

Blizzard Exoskeleton (Jump Jet Mode)

Blizzard Exoskeleton in use during it's test trials.

To that end, rather than trying to develop an entire sealed suit, engineers went the route of building an adjustable frame that would attach to a modified version of the CSAS suit, designated the Mark 3.  The exoskeleton operator would don his standard CSAS Mk 3, then would attach the connectors on the Blizzard suit to the hardpoints on their CSAS suit, combining the existing protection and environmental sealing of the CSAS Mk 3 with added protection and mobility of the Blizzard.

When looking at the Blizzard exoskeleton, one of the most obvious, and confusing, features are the twin tires that rest behind the wearer's shoulders.  Their use is not obvious when the suit is functioning as an exoskeleton, but the Blizzard can function as more than just an exoskeleton.  When detached, the exoskeleton can be reconfigured into an all-terrain motorcycle, with the batteries driving electric hub motors.  The process is difficult and, generally, takes up to 30 minutes to accomplish though some test pilots claim they were capable of transitioning between the two forms in under 10 seconds, something that, to date, remains unaccomplished outside of lab conditions.

Blizzard Exoskeleton (Motorcycle Mode)

Blizzard being used in it's detached Motorcycle Mode.


The Weapons package A (MK 10A) consists of two twin-tube rocket launchers, with two rockets mounted in each forearm.  Package B swaps the rocket launchers for a David light infantry gauss rifle, while Package C instead mounts a heavy grenade launcher.  Weapons package D carries a standard machine gun, for anti-personnel use.  The widest departure, Package E, carries twin vibro-swords mounted in the forearms, for close-combat and boarding operations use.


The armor was developed inspired by the Mosphere Climber anime series.

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