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Black Cobra
Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer RagArms Ltd.
Mission Manifold
Type VTOL (Omni)
Technical specifications
Mass 25tons
Armor Ferro Fibrous (RagProtec ADVF)
Engine 110 Light Engine (RagPropulse V-LE)
Speed 159 kph
Crew 2

10tons of PodSpace

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


Designed by RagArms Ltd., the weapons and vehicle branch of RagStar Military Industries, the Black Cobra is the first Omni-VTOL in existence. Named for the first real attack chopper build in the 20th century, the vehicle is a high-priced piece of military hardware, but it certainly is worth its money. It is also the first vehicle to feature audio systems similar to those found on the Tanto. While mounted on a 'Mech the system serves mainly psychological warfare purposes, mounting it on a chopper can put it to other uses as well, such as propaganda or information of civilians.

As all helicopters, the Black Cobra is fast. Unlike its mates, it is significantly armored as well, featuring 4 tons of ferro-fibrous armor, enabling it to survive the largest AC-shells up front and gaussrifle hits to the sides. The rotor is weak, however, a problem yet to be solved by engineers all over the Inner Sphere.


The 10 tons of PodSpace give the Black Cobra a wide choice of weapons. As it features a Light Fusion Engine, it does not need any power amplifiers and comes with 10 heat sinks, allowing even heavy energy weapons to be mounted on the craft.

The Prime-configuration is designed as a harasser. It mounts two artemis-supported LRM-5 racks to engage enemies at long range and a single Extended Range Medium Laser to fend off attacks inside the missile's minimum range. A C3-Slave enables the chopper to use target informations or spot enemies for other integrated units.


  • Alternate Alpha - The Alpha is meant to provide cover fire and to secure landing zones for larger transports. It mounts two MRM-10's and two Small Pulse Lasers along with a single Machine Gun.
  • Alternate Beta - Designed as a head-hunter, the Beta features a single PPC and two SRM-2 launchers that often carry infernos. Lances of this configuration can quickly close with the enemy's Battlemechs and can fade away just as fast, destroying even heavier designs in a few passes. Against conventional forces, this config is simple devastating.
  • Alternate Charlie - Also called Charon, the C-version reminds of the Prime-config, swapping the LRMs and the C3-unit for two SRM-6 models also featuring advanced FC-systems. A ton of ammo had to be removed as well.
  • Alternate Delta - The last version of the Black Cobra is a dedicated spotter/scout. Equipment includes a NARC-launcher with a single ton of reloads, a Beagle Probe, a TAG and a C3-Slave. For defense, it carries an AMS as well as two Extended Range Small Lasers.


A Fan-made creation