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BiPlane AutoMech (TRO Syberia)
Biplaner (Aerofighter AutoMech)
Production information
Manufacturer Syberia
Production Year 2800
Model BiPlaner
Class Ultralight
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere Experimental
Mass 15 tons
Chassis Ultralight LAM Chassis
Armor Commercial Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 6/4
R/L Torso (Rear) 5/3
R/L Arm: 4
R/L Leg: 6
Engine 15-Rated Fusion Engine
Communications System Unknown
Targeting Tracking System Unknown
Heat Sinks 10
Speed Walk 10.8 kph
Run 21.6 kph
Jump 10 km/h
Safe Thrust (Flying) 10
Max Thrust 20 km/h
Jump Jets Unknown
Range: 30 Meters

Weapons Layout (Dog Fighter
2x Small Lasers
2x Machine Gun
2x Recon Cameras

BV (2.0) 129


The Biplaner (Aerofighter AutoMech) is a Bi-Modal LAM, advanced AI piloted form ultra-light flying BattleMech which operates exclusively on the lost colony of Syberia in the California Nebula. The Biplaner Class has a mysterious origin, due to the Human extinction on the planet. Automated armies in Syberia system operate modern versions of Inner Sphere & Clan human piloted machines, the Syberians had for some reason desired a Self-piloted machine which can fly not unlike aircraft seen in during Terra's First World War. Slow, agile, largely out-classed by anything on Syberia or in rest of human occupied space. Human explorers whom revisited the hyper advanced and dead world, suspected the Biplaner was created by it's human designers more for reasons hobby than out of actual practical purposes. The self-ware Automechs of the class are often referred to as the "Old Aces", however picked on by their more modern brevin as obsolete design. These remarks causes the Biplaners to be upset and grumpy.

The design was created by Fan FedCom Girl, later adapted into Herbert A. Beas II for his fan project, Technical Readout: Syberia.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Basic Equipment[]

Built on a ultra light 'Mech chassis, the Biplaner is lightest 'Mech scales machines that fly. Slow and but nimble, powered by a small 15-Rated Fusion engine, which powers Turbo-Propeller.
Due to it's nature, the vehicle is only protected by 2 tons of Commercial grade Armor, making highly vulnerable to modern weaponry. The Propeller driving engine can act as a form of Jump Jet allowing it to hop and assist on take off.
As would be expected, the Artificial Intelligence module occupies where the human cockpit is normally located on such a vehicle.

North American A2 Thunderbird (Crimskies BiPlane)

BiPlaner AeroFighter AutoMech LAM in Fighter Mode

All BiPlaners have Avionics, Landing Gear, single Jump Jet (Turbo-Prop), and 10 single Heat Sinks.

While all AutoMechs do not have a standard basis design, the BiPlaner Fighter AutoMech has two common configurations (These can't be changed out like OmniMech's OmniPods.)

Known Configurations[]

  • Bomber Configuration
    Dedicated ground attack model, the Bombers have pair of 2-Ton Bomb Bays located in each in a side torso.
  • Dogfighter Configuration
    "Air Superiority" and "Recon Vehicle", armed with pair of Small Lasers and pair of Machine gun. With laser and gun are mounted in each of the 'Mech arms. The Recon Cameras are placed one in each of its side torsos. The two tons Machine Guns' ammunition is split and housed in each of the arms with it's respective machine gun.
  • Switcher Configuration
    A Multi-Mission model, which retains the Dogfighter's weaponry, but drops 1 ton of machine gun ammunition and moves it to the left torso. Right torso Recon Camera is retained, while two Vehicular Grenade Launcher are placed in each of the side torsos.
  • Zapper Configuration
    Long Range attack vehicle, the design uses all laser weapons. For it's long range attacks, it relies on a singular right arm mounted Light PPC, while pair of Small Lasers are mounted in the left arm actuator.
  • Dusty Crophopper
    Intended for firefighting duties, this unusual design used migrate fires. Initially believed to have been civilian agricultural intended vehicle. Designed with two liquid Sprayers, one mounted in each arm actuator. The system uses pair Fluid Suction System per sprayer in the side torsos, giving the sprayers water from limited Syberia water sources to fill it's pair of 1 ton Liquid Storage tanks mounted in the side torsos while landed in bodies of water.

Technical Notes[]

Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-X-E-E
Cost: 765,785 C-bills

Design Quirks[]

  • Design Quirks: Illegal (Syberian Robotics AI, Turbo-Prop “Jump Jet”)
    Atmospheric Flyer
    Bad Reputation
    Difficult to Maintain
    Distracting (Archaic Appearance)
    Non-Standard Parts
    Obsolete (From the Start!)

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