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Big Book of Primitive Jumpships (Cover)
Big Book of JumpShips
Product information
Type Sourcebook / Record Sheet Book
Author Liam's Ghost
Pages 184
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code Author's Source Book Download Link
First published October, 2020
August, 2021 (Updated)
Content Primitive Jump Ships
Primitive Combat JumpShips
Era Age of War Era
Early Star League Era
Timeline 2100-2495


The Big Book of Primitive JumpShips is a Fan-Made book (abbreviated BBPJ) created by BattleTech Fan writer, Liam's Ghost. The book is a summary briefing of Combat & Civilian Primitive Jumpships with full record sheets of both primary & variants of said ships.

  • Note: A Primitive JumpShip were early version of both JumpShips and Warships, which some both types vessels qualities are combined as one design, but diminished capabilities in comparison. Thus record sheets will appear to be WarShips. Despite it being listed as "Experimental/Advanced" these ships use Primitive Technology.


This is a record sheet book and summary info each entry, gives players the ability to play in the Early portion of the Age of War, this is before the BattleMech was introduced.

Age where using limited technologies to wage war in the black unforgiving seas of outerspace.

These ships fill in missing combat & civilian combat vessels never highlighted or created for this early time.


This book features ships which are non-canon. Most units (variants of canon units) published in this book are of Liam's Ghost creation using canon BattleTech technology for the Era/game year they were introduced. Some ships listed are based on canon designs, namely a variant of them. Parent versions of the ships are officially part of BattleTech. Equipment used in this book and it's record sheets are designed by the rules of the game, thus can be used in MegaMek if desired. * Note vessels which are variant of canon Ship found in BattleTech.


  • Primitive Jumpships and the (Mostly)
  • Never Ending March of Technology.
    • Pathfinder and Ark class Jumpships
    • Absalom class Gunboat
    • Bowen class Escort
    • Erikson class Escort Carrier
    • Kestrel class Jumpship
      The Black Revenge - Notable ship, Kestrel Class
    • Liberty Class Raider
    • Packet Class JumpShip
    • Predator class Sloop
    • Raven Class Mail Runner
    • Type 51 Gunboat
    • Vritra class Gunboat
    • Nemed class Patrol Ship
    • Hanako class Patrol Ship
    • Yamanashi class Explorer Ship
    • Kaiser class Naval Ram
    • Aquilla class Jumpship*
    • Atalanta class Frigate
    • Rapier class Assault Ship
    • Sarnath class Merchant Cruiser
    • Crucis class Escort Cruiser
    • Ares class Cruiser
    • Chidori class Carrier
    • Defiant class Corvette
    • Electra class Merchant Cruiser
    • Jupiter class Transport
    • Tegetthoff class Cruiser
    • Acheron class Cruiser
    • Aurora class Commerce Protection Cruiser
    • Tea Clipper Fast Transport
    • Cassiopeia class Jumpship
    • Diligence class Repair Ship
    • Belloc class Jumpship
    • Harlech class Cruiser
    • Picket Series Destroyer
    • Standard class Cruiser
    • Saint Barbara class Heavy Cruiser
    • Xing Ying Class Cruiser
    • Excalibur class Cruiser
    • City Class Scout Cruiser
    • Admiral class Cruiser
    • Eagle class Cruiser
    • Keagan class Fast Transport
    • Orion class Jumpship
    • Sultan class Cruiser
    • Project Thresher Battlecruiser
    • Du Shi Wang Prototype Battlecruiser*
    • Typhoon class Battleship
    • Sirius class Megafreighter
  • Jumpship Range / Design Quirks
  • Record Sheets


  • All ships noted with a * are ships which are canon or have a primary version which is canon.
  • Since this was first published, there has been a total three previous versions of this update. Adding further content to the book.
  • Update: Last updated version of the book adds the Yamanashi, Dilligence, Xanthus, and Typhoon class JumpShips, as well as a listing of the jump range of every JumpShip in the book, and a list of design quirks that mostly serves to identify when they pick up the Obsolete quirk.

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