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Beagle Class Exploration Rescue Cruiser
Production information
Manufacturer Semier Data Tron - Lyran Commmonwealth
Use Emergency Transport
Command Ship
Armed Troop Transport
Mobile Shipyard
Mobile Repair Vessel
Tech Base Inner Sphere Experimental
Cost 91,861,456,000 C-bills
Introduced 3150
Technical specifications
Mass 2,500,000 tons
Length ????
Sail Diameter 1,200 Meters
Fuel 18,000 tons (45,000)
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2
Top Thrust 3
Sail Integrity 9
KF Drive Integrity 48
LF Battery Yes
Armament Ship Weaponry
  • x6 Class 25 Naval AutoCannons
  • x80 Class 55 Naval Lasers
  • x20 AR10 Capital Missile Launcher
  • x40 Laser Anti-Missile System (AMS)
Armor Lamellor Ferro-carbide armor
DropShip Capacity 10
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
Crew Crew: 91 officers
548 enlisted/non-rated
140 gunners
892 bay personnel
432 BA marines
Grav Decks 8 (250 Meter diag each.)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0 / 870
Heat Sinks 3960 (7920)
Structural Integrity 30
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 113,471[1]


The Beagle-Class Exploration / Rescue Cruiser is a unique WarShip design. A one of kind vessel, which was conceived by Fan Writer, Cannonshop, while assisted with stats by kindalas. A variant of Beagle Class Exploration Cruisers, this ship design differs due to nature of it's mission. Rescue people and act as a mobile humanitarian / residence ship. Its designed to be able to relays it's passengers through space in times of disaster.

Administrator AU Description[]

Ship Description[]

The WS Große Hoffnung, "Great Hope", is the last of the Beagle Class Exploration cruisers slated to be constructed. When word of the disaster arose, Sharon Ngo called for unique variant of the original design. As with previous ships of the original class of ships, they were originally constructed in a Shipyard in the Duran System Star System by Semier Data Tron for the Lyran Commonwealth in the The Administrator AU. In 3065, disaster struck Kerensky Cluster, as a star had exploded within 5 light years of Clan's capital system, Strana Mechty. As part of mobilization plan designed by Lyran Fleet Admiral Sharon Ngo, a single one-off variant of the Beagle Class would be constructed to heavy lift people left behind by fleeing Clans.

Not intended as a combat ship, however able to hold it's own in combat. The ship's primary purpose is heavy lift & support large population of humans. With focus on the ship's unique feature of a mobile space station known as a Life Boat, placed in it's 200k ton Pressurized Mobile Shipyard. This would be where majority of rescued individuals would reside.

The ship itself was originally designed as evacuation ship due to threat of unknown force in the galaxy threatening wiping out all sapient life brutally. With clear evidence of this happening to other "alien" humanoids. The Beagles were original sent to discover these civilizations only finding ruins and remains as attack.

When first designed, the Rescue variant when offer for tender (request design specification), it was immediate accepted by Archon Trillian Steiner-Davion & Admiral Sharon Ngo as immediate solution to the problem. However, the ship itself would need be fitted out as it travelled with rescue fleet to Clan Space.

Armaments and Capacities[]

Not intended for warfare like primary variant of the Beagle, the Rescue variant has removed all it's scientific equipment for sake cargo capacity. Being built largest mobile design possible at 2.5 million tons, amble room is found in the form of slightly over half million tons of cargo bay. Harking back to it's Exploration variant, the design retains it's Large Naval Comme Suite to coordinate ships part of it's squadron/taskforce as a command ship. It also has pair of mobile HPG, giving it ability to retain communications with distant sites.

Not the fastest ship, the Rescue is intended move quickly through interstellar space with aid of it's highly talented Kowloon Coast Guard trained navigation crew. With help of a LF Batteries, allowing for double jumps via hyper space. It and it's protective convoy supporting vessels can go through space. The ship's hull is protected by 1,500 tons of lamellor ferro-carbide armor, not quite as strong as armor protection found on Leviathan Class Heavy Battleship or Dreadnought, the armor amble enough to resist damage for some time. The ship's primary weapons is configured for long range combat verse close quarters combat. This was due to the ship's nature of rescue vessel, wanting keep hostile forces as far it and it's frail passengers. With similar weapons layout found on the tiny Sampan Class Cutters, the ship is armed with large bank of AR capital missile launchers in it's bow (typically with nuclear warheads), ten Class 25 Naval Autocannons, split in two Capital Bays with two of the guns per bay each side of the ship, with another two mounted in single Capital Bay aft, ten Capital grade Class 55 Naval lasers in front & aft side and aft arcs, with 10 Laser-based AMS found in Broadsides and Aft.

Weapon Placement[]

  • Nose
    20 AR10 Capital Missile Launchers AR10 Santa Anna Nuclear Missiles Ammo (20 shots)
    AR10 Killer Whale Heavy Capital Missiles Ammo (200 shots)
    AR10 White Shark Medium Capital Missile Ammo (200 Missiles)
    AR10 Barracuda Light Capital Missile Ammo (200 shots)
    AR10 Peacemaker Medium Nuclear Missile Ammo (20 shots)
  • Forward Right/Left Sides
    x10 Class 55 Naval Lasers, x10 Class 55 Naval Lasers
  • Broadside Right/Left Sides
    x2 Class 25 Naval Autocannons, x2 Class 25 Naval Autocannons, x10 Laser AMS
  • Aft (Rear) Right/Left Sides
    x10 Class 55 Naval Lasers, x10 Class 55 Naval Lasers
  • Aft
    x2 Class 25 Naval Autocannon, x10 Laser AMS

Ship Technical Notes[]


  • Bay 1: Battle Armor (IS) (100) 1 Door
  • Bay 2: Small Craft (20) 10 Doors
  • Bay 3: Standard Repair Facility 1 Door
    (Pressurized) (2,000,000 ton Capacity)
  • Bay 4: Cargo (562012.0 tons)    1 Door   


  • Beagle Class Exploration Cruiser - Intended for long range exploration, this is primary version of the ship.


  • Wiki editor note: This ship was designed by kindalas, whom had accepted the challenged to bring the ship which fan writer Cannonshop had written to life. The original posting of the ship was flawed due to missing Double Heat Sinks, which was correct.

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