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Battletech Mod Productions was a fan computer gaming group that used existing pc games and created mods to allow for BattleTech units to exist to be used on the game.

They created number of BattleTech Themed mods for the original Homeworlds & Homeworlds 2 for their space game, which featured Aerospace based fighters, DropShips and WarShips to be used in the game for anyone to play for free as long they own the game. However, despite the mods being released in 2005, the mod was not finished. Only number art work and some functional units were made. As well, ground combat games for later development continued until 2019.

The group was active between 2005-2007 and has since abandoned the project.

Mods Produced / Created[]

Battletech Space Wars -
  • Space Combat simulator using HomeWorlds engine. (Incompleted)- 2005
Battletech: The Capellan Solution -
  • The Capellan Solution is a Total Conversion for the real time strategy game C&C Generals. Players can take the role of the House Liao conquerors, the St. Ives Compact defenders, or the noble peacekeepers from the Star League. Battle it out for total domination with more than 65 Mechs, including some never before seen units, as well as tanks, aerospace fighters, and even Dropships. Everything, from units, to buildings, maps, music, sound effects, and even the game shell, will be modified and enhanced. - 2007
MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation -
  • MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation is a BF2 total conversion mod, set to recreate the Battletech universe! Fight on foot, as a regular soldier or in advanced Battle Armor, and control Mechs, Tanks, Helis, Fighters, and even massive Dropships in an all-out, 31st century war for domination and survival! The mod was to give equal importance to all forms of combat, not just mechs, and will strive to be more realistic than regular sci-fi stuff is. We will base our maps on actual earth topography, from satellite imagery and Digital Elevation Models. All vehicles will perform according to the physics possible within the BF2 engine, and will be balanced, so we don't have "game-breaking" units. - 2007

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