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BATTLETECH - The Hexening (Cover Art)
BATTLETECH: The Hexening
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Mal-3
Pages 113
Cover artwork Anthony Scroggins
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code Source Book Download Link
First published 2020
Content Hex-Based Interstellar Maps
Era Succession War Era
Timeline 3025


BATTLETECH: The Hexening is a Fan-Made book (abbreviated BTH) created by Battletech Fan Mal-3. The book uses data collected from various canon/non-canon sources try present the Inner Sphere's overall map as of game year 3025 in Hex based map. Each Hex is 5 light years apart. Suggested uses is for mapping out roleplaying purposes.

The map style is based on the space maps created for the Traveller RPG, created by Marc W. Miller and Loren Wiseman, and owned by Far Future Enterprises. Map data itself comes from such places such as canon themed wiki for Battletech, (


  • Table of Content
  • The Inner Sphere and near Periphery
    • Inner Sphere
    • The Sector System
    • Map Keys
      • Sectors of the Inner Sphere (P.5 - P.88)
    • The Deep Periphery
      • Sectors of the Deep Periphery (P.90 - P 111)
  • Credits