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Battle for Brimstone (Cover)
Battle for Brimstone
Author Mark Clarke
Series Name
Alternate Universe Name
Year Written January, 2021 to May, 2021
Story Era Dark Age Era


Battle for Brimstone is a war drama set in the Dark Age Era

Introduction by the Author[]

The Battle for Brimstone is a little story I put together set in the Dark Age. It’s intended to be as canon as it can be. I reserve the right to come back and fix things up when someone points out mistakes but I’ll leave editing notes at the bottom. I tend to tuck my stories in underneath canon, trying not to disrupt the rest of the universe that others have created but I have been told that it would be a better idea to shake things up so perhaps the scope of the story will grow. I will say that comments are welcome, but I will always hide behind the screen here and cringe when they do come in.

Honestly though, the BattleTech community has been one I have had far more positive experiences with than negative. While I normally fly the Jade Falcon flag very loudly on Facebook, when I write, it’s about being professional and, if anything, I avoid my favorites. Here you shall not see the mighty Behemoth or hear word of the Jade Falcons, probably.


All events prior to the late Dark Age (Year 3132) remain the same. This is a parallel story verses alternate universe, hence it's happening in background of the major Canon events. Only minor changes were made.

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Battle for Brimstone
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  • Dark Age Warbook - Unit reference for Mechs/Combat Vehicles/Battle Armor and other combat units used during this time period.

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