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Battletech Wars of Grievance (Cover)
Battletech: Wars of Grievance
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Mini-Technical Readout
Author Steve Cross
Pages 86
Cover artwork Unspecified
Illustrations Matt Plog
Sheda Lane
Matt Maeda
Laura Pauselli
Shimmering Sword
Gruese (Maps)
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code Hybrid Sourcebook-TRO Download Link
Download Link for Record Sheets
First published October 30th, 2021 (Book)
Era Clan Invasion Era
Timeline 3057 - 3059
Series Zhukov AU
Preceded by Technical Readout: Project Neptune
Followed by Experimental Technical Readout: Ghost and Shadows


Battletech: The Wars of Grievance (abbreviated B:TWoG), is a fan produced TRO/Sourcebook created by Battletech fan Steve "marauder648" Cross. This is the 3rd book of his Clan series of books which are tied together to his ". This book part of a universe based on the form of "What-If" showcases Clan Snow Raven, giving a alternate history where elements of the clan would be assigned as part of the Invading Clans who launched an invasion into the Inner Sphere in 3050. This book shows later events which were changed further down the timeline from 3050 invasion of the Clans.

Included in this book includes detail accounts of a disastrous fall out due to the defeat of the Clans on Tukayyid in 3052. Where dispute it's handling turns into all-out conflict between most Clans in the Inner Sphere's invasion group. Additionally, new developments of weapons, BattleMechs, and WarShips are also noted.


This book is not a canon product. Where Clan Invasion had indeed turnout the same as in canon. Result of the treaty with the Inner Sphere, the Clans leaders removed Uric Kerensky from his position as ilKhan. He as in canon history, conducted a Trial of Refusal resulting in event known as Refusal War in 3057. However, again history changes leading to Clan Wolf not being split and the Refusal War would morph into larger scaling conflict between all Clans taking opportunities against one another which never accrued in canon.


  • Table of Content
  • Credits
  • Foreword

Briefing: Wars of Grievance[]

  • THE WARS OF GRIEVANCE (Background & History)
    • Of Falcons and Wolves
    • Out with a Bang
    • Opportunity Knocks - 3057
    • The Viper Strikes - 3057
    • Beware of the Stampede - 3057
    • Flight of the Falcons - 3057
    • Operation Rampage
    • Mending the Pack and Preparing to Strike
    • The First Strike
    • Stinger and Claw - 3058
    • The Powder Keg Explodes
    • The Wolf Bites Back
    • The Adder Coils - March 3059
    • Dying Flames
  • Final Act
  • Vote for Annihilation

Briefing: State of the Clan Occupational Zones[]

  • The Occupational Zones Following the Truce of Tukayyid
    • Clan Jade Falcon
    • Clan Steel Viper
    • Clan Hell's Horses
    • Clan Wolf
    • Clan Ghost Bear
    • Clan Smoke Jaguar
    • Clan Nova Cat
    • Clan Diamond Shark
      • System Overview: Clan Occupation Zone 3052
      • System Overview: Clan Occupation Zone 3058
      • System Overview: Clan Hell's Horses Occupation Zone 3052
      • System Overview: Clan Hell's Horses Occupation Zone 3058
      • System Overview: Clan Diamond Sharks Occupation Zone



  • Inner Sphere Naming Designations
  • OmniPods and Clan Weapons Technology
  • New Developments

Weapons Development[]

  • M-409 Combat Armor
  • Heavy Lasers
  • Advanced Tactical Missiles
  • Reaction Boosting System
  • What's Old is New
BattleMechs & OmniMechs[]
  • Manul (Light OmniMech)
  • Bobcat (Light OmniMech)
  • Panther C / IIC Light BattleMechs
  • Frenzy (Light OmniMech)
  • Fire Wasp Light BattleMech
  • Blackjack IIC Medium BattleMech
  • Dervish IIC Medium BattleMech
  • Venetta (Medium OmniMech)
  • Lucanus (Heavy BattleMech)
  • Sabertooth (Heavy OmniMech)
  • Apex Assault BattleMech
  • Hyperion Assault BattleMech
  • Polaris Class Destroyer Escort (Warship)
  • Ocean Class Heavy Cruiser (Warship)

Download Link[]

Author's Download Link for the Book


  • This book is self-published effort by Steve Cross. He funded it's assistance to creating original art for this book.