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Ban Tang
Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer RagStar Military Industries
Model BN43-TG66/BCA
Class Assault
Cost ???
Technical specifications
Mass 95t
Chassis Star League XT (modified)
Armor Starshield
Engine 285er Standard
Speed 54kp/h
Jump Jets none
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Ban Tang was the first BattleMech to be produced by RagStar Military Industries. It was based on a modified Banshee and addressed the original's lack of weaponry. Similar to the Akuma, it tries to mimic the classic Atlas at cheaper cost. It is a superior line-holder with maximum armor and a wide range of weapons, focusing on a massive short-range array. Few were ever built due to RagStar's then lack of dedicated production facilities, but a few examples of this brute turn up in smaller mercenary units. At least one 'Mech was spotted on Solaris, entertaining fans in the Reaches.


Equipped with three HummingBird SRM-6 launchers (with a ton of ammo each) and three RagStar GlowSpike Medium Lasers, the short-range firepower of the Ban Tang is fearsome. At longer ranges, an HellHammer AC/10 (mounted in the left arm) and the reliable RagStar StoopingBird LRM-15 rack are a force to contend with, each system supplied by two tons of ammunition. 16 single heat sinks do their best to cool down the 'Mech, but inexperienced warriors tend to overtax them regularly.


"BN43-TG667/BCA-50": Using 15 double heat sinks and two CASE-systems, the update also swaps the standard AC for an LB-X and adds Artemis to the long range missiles. The chassis was left untouched, however, offering a rugged monster that is very hard to bring down, even by more technologically sophisticated foes.