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The Balin is a heavy turret designed to acurately take down enemys one by one. Each turret mounts an advanced C3 computer (making it the only turret to mount one) so that all the turrets can share targetting data, this improves efficency and acuracy.


These turrets, along with Calliopes are what defend Vulture Techs base, and therefor was involved in its defence from clan HellHorse.


The Balin mounts 2 Lincked Cappacitator PPC's for a hard hitting and relentlesly fast firing attack. The turret fires its PPC's one after the other so it can keep a constand reign of fire on its target. This has the added benifit of ruining the targets HUD. It also mounts a targeting laser, so that combined with its C3 computers give it deadly acuracy. It also mounts a clan narc beacon, to attract any un-locked friendly missiles in the area.