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Baal Defense Solutions, often shortened to just Baal Defense or to the initialism BDS, was a multinational military hardware manufacturer that rose to prominence during the tail-end of the Third Succession War. The company was based on the Federated Suns world of Lodestone.


Star League Era[]

Founded as Baal Defense Consulting in 2697, the company was originally formed on the planet Lodestone by a small group of Albion Military Academy alumni with storied careers in the SLDF and AFFS as a small military consulting firm. The company grew respectably during the waning days of the Star League, eventually changing its name to Baal Defense Solutions and beginning to produce its own weaponry and equipment.

Succession Wars[]

During the Succession Wars, Baal Defense expanded into the refitting and modification of vehicles and BattleMechs, primarily for the Federated Suns. This initially started with the modification of base-model 'Mechs into their client-preferred counterparts (for example converting damaged PXH-1 Phoenix Hawks into the PXH-1D variant for the AFFS), before expanding into the development of new, original variants around 2940. During the Succession Wars BDS also entered into the world of private military contracting, performing mercenary work not only above-board through ComStar's Mercenary Review Board, but also illegal cloak-and-dagger operations, sometimes even carrying out illicit paramilitary operations on their own behalf to further the interests of their business.

It was not until the early 31st century, however, that Baal Defense Solutions would begin the production of their very own, in-house BattleMech designs. In 3005, a former MIIO Covert Ops commander by the name of Franklin Holloman took charge of the company as both the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. An ambitious and utterly ruthless businessman, Holloman oversaw the construction of BattleMech production facilities on Lodestone, and in 3015 Baal Defense hit the market with not one but two 50-ton BattleMech designs: a close-range brawler called the CA1-N Cain and a long-range missile platform dubbed the AB3-L Abel. These designs would see moderate success, and the profits were invested into further BattleMech production, which would ultimately become a core pillar of the company's business.

Throughout the waning days of the Succession Wars era, Baal Defense Solutions would maintain a presence as a small but moderately successful defense manufacturer. Their BattleMechs would primarily see success among mercenaries and militia, with a handful of advanced LosTech designs seeing some use in the private guards of Inner Sphere nobles and a very limited presence in the militaries of the Great Houses, primarily the Federated Suns, the Lyran Commonwealth, and to a lesser extent the Free Worlds League.

Clan Invasion[]

At the outbreak of the Clan Invasion in 3049, like many other Spheroid industrialists an aging Frank Holloman would be enticed by word coming in from the coreward edge of the Inner Sphere of the Clan forces and their advanced technology, and would throw Baal Defense' Mercenary Corps against the Clan invaders aggressively in hopes of obtaining samples of Clanner technoloogies. This endeavor would prove incredibly costly, decimating the Mercenary Corps through combat losses and desertion from low morale, but would ultimately bear fruit. In October 3050, after roughly a year of securing only trace scraps of Clan technology at massive human cost, Baal Defense would manage to salvage a Fenris in its Prime configuration and a Mad Cat B after BDS MechWarrior Sophia Keufer managed to fell both with headshots during an engagement with Clan Wolf, of which she was the sole survivor.

At the end of that same month, the killing of ilKhan Leo Showers at Radstadt would see the Clans withdraw from the Inner Sphere temporarily, beginning what would later be called the Year of Peace, allowing the Mercenary Corps to lick their wounds. But, despite only recovering to roughly half their pre-invasion strength, in November 3051 when the Clans resumed their invasion Holloman fully intended to order them to continue their quest for ClanTech salvage. But he would never get the chance to, as he, having been in declining health for several years by that point, would pass away from a heart attack, just a mere few days after the Clans' return.

Holloman's son, Franklin II, would take his place as CEO and Chairman, and would elect not deploy the Mercenary Corps once more, instead shifting the company's priorities towards the reverse engineering of the ClanTech they had already recovered, as well as towards the marketing of their existing product line to the Great House militaries. However, the Clans' technology proved to be vastly more complex and foreign than anticipated, with BDS's top engineers estimating years before even the most basic of meaningful progress were to be made in adapting it. Devastated by the news, Franklin II ordered the study of the recovered ClanTech to be put on the backburner in favor of further development based on the latest Spheroid technological gains.

FedCom Civil War and the Jihad[]

BDS would continue to expand its business and develop its reputation through the next several decades, with its most notable achievement being the introduction of a homegrown OmniMech design in 3065 in the form of the 65 ton JDS1-O Judas, which saw respectable success among wealthier mercenaries and private security. This would be followed up in 3074 by another OmniMech design, the 30 ton ER1-O Eros. Finally, in 3079 BDS would close out the Jihad with their first Assault 'Mech, the 100 ton EXE-2R Executor, which would be adopted in limited numbers by the recently-rebuilt Royal Guards of the Lyran Alliance.

Republic Era and the Dark Age[]

Finally, in the late 3080s, BDS's research into ClanTech would at last make a breakthrough. In 3088, BDS would successfully produce a Clan-spec ER PPC that could be readily integrated with Inner Sphere or Clan technology. After this, pieces quickly began to fall into place, and by 3095 BDS could readily produce the overwhelming majority of weaponry commonly fielded by the Clans, as well as several more exotic Clan designs such as the Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle. By this time Baal Defense had already begun working to transition its business model to primarily that of an high-end, small-volume manufacturer of ClanTech and other exotic technologies for extraordinarily wealthy clients. This would be backed up by the mid-volume production of a limited number of more standard BattleMech and vehicle designs based on BDS's "legacy" non-Clan-spec technologies, as well as by the mercenary work of the Mercenary Corps.



Components produced on Lodestone
Component Type
DER-7C Deer Tick Ultralight BattleMech Drone
ANA-3N Ananiel Light BattleMech
ER1-O Eros Light OmniMech
ER1-OA Eros Light OmniMech
ER1-OB Eros Light OmniMech
SFL-3A Sand Flea Light BattleMech
AB3-L Abel Medium BattleMech
AB4-L Abel Medium BattleMech
AB5-L Abel Medium BattleMech
AB6-L Abel Medium BattleMech
AIT-3X Aite Medium BattleMech
AZR-3L Azrael Medium BattleMech
CA1-N Cain Medium BattleMech
CA2-N Cain Medium BattleMech
CA3-N Cain Medium BattleMech
CA4-N Cain Medium BattleMech
MDR-3R Mordred Medium BattleMech
RKLB-5T Rock Lobster Medium BattleMech
STYR-1A Satyr Medium BattleMech
ABA-2R Abatur Heavy BattleMech
ADT-4N Adathan Heavy BattleMech
JDS1-O Judas Heavy OmniMech
JDS1-OA Judas Heavy OmniMech
JDS1-OB Judas Heavy OmniMech
JDS1-OC Judas Heavy OmniMech
JDS1-OD Judas Heavy OmniMech
JDS1-OE Judas Heavy OmniMech
MAD-11R Marauder Heavy BattleMech
ZG0-K Polyphemus Heavy BattleMech
ABV-1R Absolver Assault BattleMech
AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer" Custom Assault BattleMech
EXE-2R Executor Assault BattleMech
EXE-5R Executor II Assault BattleMech
JU4-GGU Sea Jag Assault BattleMech
MAD-7B Marauder II Assault BattleMech
RMP-8C Rampage Assault BattleMech
SAT-4N Satan Assault BattleMech
R-9800 Ra Superheavy BattleMech
Baal Defense Featherlight ES10 Endo Steel ANA-3N Ananiel
Baal Defense Featherlight ES11 Endo Steel SFL-3A Sand Flea
Baal Defense Featherlight ES22 Endo Steel ES1-O Eros
Baal Defense Heavyweight ES14 Endo Steel ABA-2R Abatur
Baal Defense Heavyweight ES15 Endo Steel ADT-4N Adathan
Baal Defense Heavyweight 25 JDS1-O Judas
Baal Defense Impetus C10UL Composite DER-7C Deer Tick
Baal Defense Ironcage XR Reinforced EXE-5R Executor II
Baal Defense Megaweight 12 EXE-2R Executor
Baal Defense Megaweight 80 JU4-GGU Sea Jag
Baal Defense Megaweight 88 ABV-1R Absolver
Baal Defense Pandora's Box CX EC45 Endo Composite AZR-3L Azrael
Baal Defense Pandora's Box CX EC65 Endo Composite ZG0-K Polyphemus
Baal Defense Pandora's Box CX EC160SH Endo Composite R-9800 Ra
Baal Defense Pandora's Box ES57CX Endo Steel RMP-8C Rampage
Baal Defense Pandora's Box ES80CX Endo Steel SAT-4N Satan
Baal Defense Pandora's Box ES96CX Endo Steel AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer"
Baal Defense Tesseract ES66CX Endo Steel CA4-N Cain
Baal Defense Tesseract ES68CX Endo Steel AB6-L Abel
Baal Defense Welterweight 07 CA1-N Cain
Baal Defense Welterweight 08 AB3-L Abel
Baal Defense Welterweight 11 STYR-1A Satyr
Baal Defense Welterweight ES01 Endo Steel CA2-N Cain and CA3-N Cain
Baal Defense Welterweight ES02 Endo Steel AB4-L Abel and AB5-L Abel
Baal Defense Welterweight ES03 Endo Steel RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
Baal Defense Welterweight ES12 Endo Steel MDR-3R Mordred
GM Marauder MAD-11R Marauder
GM Marauder II MAD-7B Marauder II
Fusion Engine
GM 220 RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
GM 275 MDR-3R Mordred
GM 300 MAD-7B Marauder II
Pitban 200 STYR-1A Satyr
Vlar 180 ANA-3N Ananiel
Vlar 200 AB3-L Abel, AB4-L Abel, CA1-N Cain, and CA2-N Cain
Vlar 300 ABT-2R Abatur and EXE-5R Executor II
Light Fusion Engine
Defiance 180 Light ES1-O Eros
Defiance 300 Light MAD-11R Marauder
Vlar 200 Light AB5-L Abel and CA3-N Cain
VOX 300 Light EXE-2R Executor
Extralight Fusion Engine
Defiance 260 XL JDS1-O Judas
Defiance Clan-Grade 200 XL ABV-1R Absolver
Defiance Clan-Grade 260 XL ZG0-K Polyphemus
Defiance Clan-Grade 300 XL JU4-GGU Sea Jag
Defiance Clan-Grade 320 XL R-9800 Ra
Defiance Clan-Grade 400 XL AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer" and SAT-4N Satan
Pitban 110 XL DER-7C Deer Tick
Pitban 315 XL AIT-3X Aite
Vlar ClanTech 200 XL AB6-L Abel and CA4-N Cain
VOX 150 XL SFL-3A Sand Flea
VOX 360 XL ADT-4N Adathan
XXL Fusion Engine
Defiance 360 XXL AZR-3L Azrael
Jump Jets
Baal Defense Pegasus ADT-4N Adathan, AZR-3L Azrael, and RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
Baal Defense Raptorwing AIT-3X Aite, ER1-OB Eros, and JDS1-OC Judas
Chilton 600 MAD-7B Marauder II
Underwater Maneuvering Units
Baal Defense Trident CX JU4-GGU Sea Jag and ZG0-K Polyphemus
Standard BattleMech/Vehicle Armor
Baal Defense Segmentata Hardened EXE-2R Executor
Baal Defense Segmentata Hardened (w/CASE) ABV-1R Absolver
Baal Defense Testudo AB3-L Abel, ADT-4N Adathan, ANA-3N Ananiel, CA1-N Cain, DER-7C Deer Tick, JDS1-O Judas, SFL-3A Sand Flea, and STYR-1A Satyr
Baal Defense Testudo (w/CASE) AB4-L Abel, AB5-L Abel, CA2-N Cain, CA3-N Cain, and MDR-3R Mordred
Baal Defense Testudo (w/CASE II) JU4-GGU Sea Jag
Ferro-Fibrous Armor
Baal Defense Brigandine Compound 02LFF light ferro-fibrous ER1-O Eros
Baal Defense Brigandine Compound 06LFF light ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) AB6-L Abel and CA4-N Cain
Baal Defense Gauntlet Compound 12FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE) ABT-2R Abatur
Baal Defense Gauntlet Compound 18FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE) RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 48FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) MAD-7B Marauder II
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 64FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) SAT-4N Satan
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 68FF ferro-fibrous AZR-3L Azrael
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 71FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) ZG0-K Polyphemus
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 75FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) MAD-11R Marauder
Baal Defense Invincible CX Compound 78FF ferro-fibrous (w/CASE II) AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer"
Ferro-Lamellor Armor
Baal Defense Inviolable CX Compound 28FL ferro-lamellor (w/CASE) R-9800 Ra
Ballistic-Reinforced Armor
Durallex ballistic-reinforced EXE-5R Executor II
Stealth Armor
Baal Defense Umbran AIT-3X Aite
Communications System
Angst Discom (w/Angel ECM Suite) AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer"
Angst MiniCom STYR-1A Satyr
Baal Defense Demontongue 83C RMP-8C Rampage
Baal Defense Demontongue 87C SAT-4N Satan
Baal Defense Demontongue 88C JU4-GGU Sea Jag and ZG0-K Polyphemus
Baal Defense Demontongue 89C AZR-3L Azrael
Baal Defense Demontongue 89C (w/Angel ECM Suite) AIT-3X Aite
Baal Defense Demontongue 98C ABV-1R Absolver
Baal Defense Demontongue 99C R-9800 Ra
Baal Defense GestaltNet 19 DER-7C Deer Tick
Baal Defense Silvertongue 12 AB3-L Abel, AB4-L Abel, AB5-L Abel, AB6-L Abel, CA1-N Cain, CA2-N Cain, CA3-N Cain, and CA4-N Cain
Baal Defense Silvertongue 14 ABT-2R Abatur
Baal Defense Silvertongue 15 ADT-4N Adathan
Baal Defense Silvertongue 16 (w/Guardian ECM Suite) Ananiel ANA-3N
Baal Defense Silvertongue 18 (w/Guardian ECM Suite) SFL-3A Sand Flea
Baal Defense Silvertongue 24 RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
Baal Defense Silvertongue 38 JDS1-O Judas
Baal Defense Silvertongue 38 (w/Guardian ECM Suite) JDS1-OD Judas
Baal Defense Silvertongue 43 ER1-O Eros
Baal Defense Silvertongue 45 EXE-2R Executor
Baal Defense Silvertongue 60 MDR-3R Mordred
Baal Defense Silvertongue 61 EXE-5R Executor II
Dalban Micronics MAD-7B Marauder II
Dalban Micronics (w/Angel ECM Suite) MAD-11R Marauder
Targeting-Tracking System
Angst MiniView STYR-1A Satyr
Baal Defense MasterFire 4 EXE-2R Executor
Baal Defense MasterFire CX AZR-3L Azrael, EXE-5R Executor II, JU4-GGU Sea Jag, and ZG0-K Polyphemus
Baal Defense MasterFire CX (w/Advanced Targeting Computer) AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer", R-9800 Ra, RMP-8C Rampage, and SAT-4N Satan
Baal Defense PinTrac 10 (w/Active Probe) AIT-3X Aite
Baal Defense SharpFire 5L AB3-L Abel, AB4-L Abel, AB5-L Abel, and AB6-L Abel
Baal Defense SharpFire 5S CA1-N Cain, CA2-N Cain, CA3-N Cain, and CA4-N Cain
Baal Defense SharpFire 6 ABT-2R Abatur
Baal Defense SharpFire 7 ADT-4N Adathan and ANA-3N Ananiel
Baal Defense SharpFire 8 (w/Beagle Active Probe) SFL-3A Sand Flea
Baal Defense SharpFire 14 RKLB-5T Rock Lobster
Baal Defense SharpFire 17 JDS1-OA Judas, JDS1-OB Judas, JDS1-OC Judas, JDS1-OD Judas, and JDS1-OE Judas
Baal Defense SharpFire 17 (w/Beagle Active Probe) JDS1-O Judas
Baal Defense SharpFire 24 ER1-O Eros
Baal Defense SharpFire 72 MDR-3R Mordred
Baal Defense SharpFire 107 DER-7C Deer Tick
Baal Defense SharpFire 109 ABV-1R Absolver
Dalban HiRez (w/Advanced Targeting Computer) MAD-11R Marauder
Dalban HiRez II MAD-7B Marauder II
Small Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 22
Magna STYR-1A Satyr
ER Small Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 220 JDS1-OA Judas and JDS1-OE Judas
Baal Defense Blood Diamond 220CX ABV-1R Absolver
Small Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 120 ER1-O Eros and JDS1-OA Judas
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 120CX SAT-4N Satan
Small X-Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 120X MRD-3R Mordred
ER Small Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 1200CX
Small Variable Speed Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Viperfang 122
Heavy Small Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 100CX
Improved Heavy Small Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 150CXi
Small Re-Engineered Laser
Baal Defense Black Diamond 100
Medium Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 44 AB3-L Abel, AB4-L Abel, ABV-1R Absolver, ADT-4N Adathan, CA1-N Cain, ER1-OB Eros, and SFL-3A Sand Flea
Martell STYR-1A Satyr
ER Medium Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 440 AB5-L Abel, CA3-N Cain, DER-7C Deer Tick, EXE-2R Executor, JDS1-OB Judas, JDS1-OD Judas, and JDS1-OE Judas
Baal Defense Blood Diamond 440CX AB6-L Abel, AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer", CA4-N Cain, EXE-5R Executor II, R-9800 Ra, and SAT-4N Satan
Diverse Optics Sunfire MAD-7B Marauder II and MAD-11R Marauder
Medium Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 240 ABT-2R Abatur, ANA-3N Ananiel, CA2-N Cain, ER1-O Eros, JDS1-O Judas, JDS1-OA Judas, and JDS1-OC Judas
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 240CX
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 240X AIT-3X Aite and MDR-3R Mordred
ER Medium Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 2400CX
Medium Variable Speed Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Viperfang 244
Heavy Medium Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 200CX
Improved Heavy Medium Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 250CXi
Medium Re-Engineered Laser
Baal Defense Black Diamond 200
Large Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 66 EXE-2R Executor
Sunglow STYR-1A Satyr
ER Large Laser
Baal Defense Diamondback 660 ER1-OA Eros
Baal Defense Blood Diamond 660CX AS7-HL Atlas "Hand of Lucifer", and JU4-GGU Sea Jag
Large Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 360 ABT-2R Abatur, JDS1-OA Judas, JDS1-OD Judas, and JDS1-OE Judas
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 360CX
Large X-Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Silverfang 360X
ER Large Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Devil's Fang 3600CX
Large Variable Speed Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Viperfang 366
Heavy Large Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 300CX
Improved Heavy Large Laser
Baal Defense Bale's Eye 350CXi
Large Re-Engineered Laser
Baal Defense Black Diamond 300
ER Micro Laser
Baal Defense Blood Diamond Micro CX
Micro Pulse Laser
Baal Defense Devil's Fang Micro CX
Binary Laser Cannon
Baal Defense Novastrike
Baal Defense Thunderstrike 300
Baal Defense Thunderstrike 600
Baal Defense Hellstrike 600CX MAD-7B Marauder II, MAD-11R Marauder, R-9800 Ra, and ZG0-K Polyphemus
Light PPC
Baal Defense Thunderstrike 200L
Heavy PPC
Baal Defense Thunderstrike 800H
Snub-Nose PPC
Baal Defense Thunderstorm 300S
Baal Defense Liquidator 500 JDS1-OC Judas
Baal Defense Hellfire 500CX
Vehicular Flamer
Baal Defense Liquidator 500V
Plasma Rifle
Baal Defense Sublimator 600
Plasma Cannon
Baal Defense Balefire 600CX
Baal Defense Carnosaur 2
Baal Defense Carnosaur 5
Baal Defense Tyrannosaur 10
Baal Defense Tyrannosaur 20
Baal Defense Carnosaur 2X
Baal Defense Medusa 200CX
Baal Defense Carnosaur 5X
Baal Defense Medusa 500CX
LB 10-X AC
Baal Defense Tyrannosaur 10X
Baal Defense Minotaur 1000CX
LB 20-X AC
Baal Defense Tyrannosaur 20X
Baal Defense Minotaur 2000CX
Ultra AC/2
Baal Defense Spinosaur Ultra 2
Baal Defense Scylla 200CX
Ultra AC/5
Baal Defense Spinosaur Ultra 5
Baal Defense Scylla 500CX
Ultra AC/10
Baal Defense Megalodon Ultra 10
Baal Defense Charybdis 1000CX JU4-GGU Sea Jag
Ultra AC/20
Baal Defense Megalodon Ultra 20
Baal Defense Charybdis 2000CX