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Best Served Cold (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 6 - Best Served Cold[]

Commodore's Office
Carrack-Class Transport Ebon Fury
Coudoux, Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
September 15th, 3050

"You asked to see me, Star Commodore?" Lilly asked as she entered Romina Cardew's office.

"Affirmative, Star Captain McEvedy.  We have new orders."  She slid a noteputer across the desk toward Lilly.

Lilly's eyebrows shot up as she read the message.  "Back to Cabanatuan?"  During Clan Wolverine's time as the so-called "Minnesota Tribe," they'd discovered a Castle Brian on that world, and subsequent incognito travels in the Inner Sphere had seen the Wolverines maintain and take control of the structure, should it prove useful one day.  It was from there Lilly had begun her crusade against the Clans.

"We're already deep in Jag territory.  We're almost in striking distance of Turtle Bay.  From there, we can press into Ghost Bear territory, cut through their space, and finally take the fight to the Wolves!"

"You have lost Thunder Four and now Thunder Two, along with three Ferals.  We've done remarkably well, but we cannot replace these losses.  It is time to pull back, resupply and reequip, then press forward again once we have the troops and materiel we need."

"It took us months to get this far." Lilly said

"The trip back will be shorter, as we will not be hitting every Jag planet on the way.  Nor we will need to keep the LF battery in reserve." Star Commodore told her

"They will be ready for us when we return." Lilly commented

"They are getting ready for us now.  And you saw the signature on the orders, query affirmative?"

Lilly had stopped reading after Cabanatuan, belatedly she checked the noteputer again.  Sighing, she nodded.

"Then you know there is no arguing them." Romina replied

"Affirmative." Lilly replied.  She, better than most, knew it was pointless arguing with the Khan.

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