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Best Served Cold (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 23 - Best Served Cold[]

Radstadt, Clan Wolf Occupation Zone
March 7th, 3061

“Bandits are still incoming.” Warrior reported

“I can see that!” Star Commander Borris snapped.  “I need identification!  Tell me who they are!”  Tell me it is not them. he wishfully thought

MechWarrior Sergei deftly zipped his Ice Ferret forward, into a small stand of trees, his ‘Mech’s sensors reaching out towards the hostile forces approaching the scout Star.  “It is them, Star Commander,” he said at last.  “The ‘Mechs and tanks bear the crest and colors of The Not-Named Clan.”

Ice Ferret (Fennir) OmniMech (CCG)

Ice Ferret Medium OmniMech

Borris switched immediately to the Cluster’s emergency frequency.  “This is Star Commander Borris of Dagger Star, requesting immediate reinforcements to sector 0707, we are under attack.  Repeat--”

“Yell all you like, Star Commander,” a voice broke in on an open channel.  “it will do you no good.”

''“We are Clan Wolf!” Borris shot back.  “We will not be intimidated by the likes of you!  We Annihilated you once, we will do it again!”

“Affirmative, you are Wolves.  But what are we?”


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