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Best Served Cold (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 14 - Best Served Cold[]

Turtle Bay
Clan Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone
April 28th, 3051

Star Captain Mollie Penaligan targeted the outcropping and triggered her weapon.  The azure bolt struck the rock, flash-heating it before shattering it explosively.

“Nice.” she murmured to herself..

With the delivery of relief supplies to Turtle Bay, the Wolverines had gained a new staging area and a friendly populace.  Now, Mollie was acclimating to the new Feral W2 BattleArmor suit.  Twice the weight of the W1 PowerArmor, it was still smaller than the Clan Elemental Battle Armor..

Chief among the requests by the Ferals for the new design had been improved armor, and the W2 delivered with three times the protection of the W1.  It still wouldn’t stop an anti-’Mech weapon worthy of the name, but it was better than they’d had..

The second request had been for better weapons.  The Mauser 960W was solid, but did little against the thick hides of Clan ‘Mechs.  This had proved somewhat trickier, and a long back-and-forth over HPG transmission ensued between the Ferals and the Techs and Scientists designing the new armor.  Finally, the Ferals admitted that, while they appreciated the W1’s ability to run fast enough to keep rough pace with ‘Mechs and tanks, they almost exclusively used the suits’ jump jets, to make themselves even less attractive targets.  So inspired, the designers removed myomer and actuators from the suit’s legs, dropping the W2’s walking speed to that of an unarmored human.  In exchange, the suit mounted a Support PPC over the right shoulder.  Working in concert, firing PPCs and 960Ws in tandem, a Feral Point could now deal serious damage to an enemy ‘Mech..

Putting the W2 through its paces, Star Captain Penaligan found nothing to complain about, and looked forward to seeing how the new armor would stack up in actual combat.  Tomorrow they’d begin transit to Hanover, there to seek and destroy as many Jaguar ‘Mechs and warriors as they could find.  The memory of Edo was burned into every Wolverine’s brain, the cry of “Wolverines!” upon their lips.  Mollie hoped the Star Colonel’s plan would be successful..

Oh, what I would not give to see what the Clans are making of all this. . ..

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