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Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Carter-Jackson Industries
Use Troop/Vehicle Transport (primarily, rarely sees action as a Mech transport)
Type Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Introduced 3138
Technical specifications
Mass 7000 tons
Structural Integrity
Length Approximately 250 feet from nose to tail, approximately 260 feet from belly to tallest point, wingspan approximately 480 feet
Width meters
Height meters
Drive System Star League V450
Safe Thrust
Maximum Thrust
Burn Rate
Armor 3500 tons, standard
Crew 7
Heat Sinks 30 (double)
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


Simply built, easily maintained and reliable,the ship was first produced in 3138 by the newly formed Carter-Jackson Industries. The ship quickly found it's place as a transport for important individuals. With it's heavy weaponry, it's heavy armor, and it's speed, it serves as a very good transport for important figures. Also, myriad militaries have found it is a good ship to use to insert small groups of men, like a special ops team, and law enforcement agencies have found it useful as a gunship that can deposit a group of men, then provide cover for them as they do their job. Many commanders have also found use for it as an attack vessel, sending groups to attack their enemies exposed resources, poorly defended outpost, and they are good at ambushing enemy forces. With their heavy arms and armor, the transport can take on anything from infantry to a lance of 'Mechs.


With it's armament of two Heavy Gauss Rifles, and four Large Lasers, the transport can pack a deadly punch.


The cargo bay of the Avalanche is large enough to handle one lance of heavy or assault-class BattleMechs, two lances of medium or light-class BattleMechs, a company of medium or heavy vehicles, a reinforced company of light vehicles, two platoons of larger Battle Armor, a reinforced company of medium-smaller Battle Armor, or up to almost a battalion's-worth of standard infantry.


Because production has started so recently, to date, no variants have been manufactured.