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Atlas IIC
Custom Design
Designer Unknown
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown
Model AS7-IIC
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Foundation Type 10X
Armor Ferro Fibrous
Engine Clan XL-400
Speed 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 2,270


Like many of the other platforms assimilated by the Clans, the Atlas was a proven weapons platform that had performed its role on the battle field admirably. But much more than this, it was truly iconic of the Inner Sphere. It was for this cause Clan Ghost Bear scientists were put to the task of assimilating this icon into their arsenal.

While most of the enhancements were weapons upgrades, the reduced size and weight of clan weapons and armor made it possible to install a larger XL-400 power plant. This has made the Atlas IIC a bit faster, giving it the ability to keep up with the majority of other BattleMechs.


The first order of business in assimilating the Atlas was to replace its dated weapons systems. The Clans replaced the AC/20 with an Ultra AC/20, the Laser Medium Lasers were replaced with their Extended-Range counterparts, and the SRM-6 was replaced with a Streak SRM-6. The LRM-20 was replaced with a pair of Clan-spec LRM-10 Missile systems.

The design is now protected with 15.5 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. To deal with heat, the clans installed twenty three double heat sinks.


* AS7-IIC-2 - This variant of the Atlas IIC was designed in cooperation between Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Coyote. It was an attempt to give the BattleMech more punch at longer ranges, without giving up fire power at closer ranges. The design met its goal with the installation of two Gauss Rifles and two ATM 6's firing ER ammunition. This mach-2 design however lacks the same fire power of the Prime model. The Mach-2 armed with a pair of Clan-tech Gauss Rifles and two tons of ammo. 2x ATM 6's, each loaded with a ton each of Standard, ER, and HE missiles, replace the LRM-10's. Only two of the ER Medium Lasers are retained.