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Archer (MWO version - Desert)
Custom Design
Designer evilauthor
Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks
Model ARC-2W-MML
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 70 tons
Chassis Earthwerks Archer Standard
Armor Maximillian 100 Standard Armor w/ CASE
Armor Layout

Head: 9
Center (Rear): 33/10
R/L Torso (Rear) 24/6
R/L Arm: 22
R/L Leg: 26
Engine VOX 280 Fusion Engine
Speed 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 1,452[1]


A custom refit built Wolf's Dragoon's commanding officer Jamie Wolf, the Archer, is a missile based fire support 'mech. Advanced technology found in this alternate 31st Century using technology Clans had yet seen before.
Colonel Wolf, a Clan Wolf officer & MechWarrior on a secret recon mission, needed a design that fit in to what was being used in 3009 era. He himself found it satifying having new launchers which could switch from one type launcher to another at moment's notice.

This advanced technology variant of the canon design was created by for his fan story Fighting Uphill. His setting would allow higher technologies to be developed during the brutal Succession Wars Era.

Armament and Equipment[]

The modified Archer is powered by VOX 280-Rated Fusion Engine which is given same speed other brethren have. However, standard Arch was loaded with new technologies. Fitted out with thirteen tons of standard armor, gives this now all-range fighter durability it's name has been long associated with. While retaining it's traditional shoulder mounted LRM Launchers, these wwould be downgraded to a 10-tube variety. However each LRM 10 is teamed with new 7 Tubed Multi-Missile Launcher, enabling it's pilot to augment its long range missile fire from 20 missiles per volley to 34. Each of launchers are paired in each side torso. Pair of Medium lasers, found in each of the Archer's arm.

Two tons of LRM ammunition is split between the two torso, along with 3 tons of missile bays for the Multi-Missile Launcher. Governing the head load is 10 Double Heat Sinks. Should luck shot hit the Archer's ammunition bin, CASE has been fitted in each of the side torsos.

Technical Notes[]

Total Cost: 6,337,973 C-Bills
Battle Value: 1,452


  • In Fighting UpHill, this Archer is pilot by protagonist Jamie Wolf, and it's unclear this is a one-off design or standard variant/field refit.