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Angelika Turkowska

Angelika Turkowska

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Light Blue

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ENF-4R Enforcer
SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
WHM-7M Warhammer
SD1-O Sunder
Timber Wolf D

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Mercenary Officer


House Turkowska
Mercenary (Lyran Commonwealth)


Turkowska’s Lifeguard Irregulars

Angelika Turkowska, callsign Shadow, was the youngest daughter of Lifeguard Irregulars’ founder Helena and the sister of the unit’s future leader Natalia. Despite being the more skilled MechWarrior, Angelika was often characterized as the troublemaker of Helena’s two children.


Early Life[]

Angelika was born in 3028 in the interim period between the Third and Fourth Succession Wars. A sickly child in her youth, Angelika strove to overcome her health issues to follow in the footsteps of her mother and older sister; she began attending The Nagelring when she was old enough and earned very high marks in her MechWarrior course. However, Angelika was later kicked out of the academy in 3045 due to chronic issues with submitting to authority and, allegedly, promiscuity although said allegations were never truly proven.

After her expulsion from The Nagelring, Angelika joined her mother’s mercenary company where her skill quickly outmatched those of her peers.

Lifeguard Irregulars[]

Clan Invasion[]

Angelika was serving as a First Lieutenant of the 1st Lifeguards Regiment on Newtown Square when the first wave of the Clan Invasion was launched in March 3050. The initial reports of the invasion that arrived in Newtown Square were sporadic and inconsistent. As a result, Angelika and her units continued to operate under the guidelines of their contract until she received a direct HPG transmission from her mother recalling all Lifeguard units back to Arcturus.

The 1st Lifeguards, however, were exempt from the recall given their distance from Arcturus and were explicitly ordered by Helena to Wotan. There they would meet up with the surviving units of 1st and 2nd Regiments of the 12th Star Guards and await further instruction. Arriving in mid-May, the Lifeguards and Star Guards used what little knowledge they had to attempt to prepare a defense alongside the Wotan Tamar March Militia.

Operation Bulldog[]

FedCom Civil War[]



Angelika piloted a variety of ‘Mechs throughout her career.

During her first year with the Irregulars, Angelika piloted a ENF-4R Enforcer before later switching to a SHD-2H Shadow Hawk which appealed more closely to Angelika’s dynamic combat style. Throughout most years of the Clan Invasion, Angelika piloted a WHM-7M Warhammer and briefly piloted a SD1-O Sunder (the only assault mech she ever piloted) while participating in Operation Bulldog.

After the fall of Huntress, Angelika returned to piloting her Warhammer and eventually repaired the damaged Timber Wolf D she had captured while fighting Clan Smoke Jaguar in Byesville.

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