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Amatsu Suppon (Imperial Snapping Turtle)
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Model Quad
Class Assault
Cost 21,554,000
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Hardened 34 tons
Engine 300 Fusion
Speed 3/4/0
Jump Jets None
  • 3 C3 Master Computers
  • 1 Guardian ECM Suit
  • 1 ER PPC
  • 1 Large Pulse Laser
BV (1.0) 2238
BV (2.0) ???


The core part of the Draconis Combo.

Created as a Zombie-Turtle-Command Mech, the Amatsu Suppon can lead an entire company with three C3 Computers linked to a Command Console (this gives not only range advantages, but also artillery and +1 to initiative. )

The Command 'Mech is made on a sort of "dare" Model. The enemy can take it out, but at what cost? The 'Mech sports 34 tons of Hardened armor, a Quad Design, Guardian ECM and will likely have Shikoku, Kitsune, and Kuma Guards. Indeed the Amatsu Suppon can be said to be at the very heart of the Combo 'Mech strategy.

Likewise the Amatsu is not defenseless. As the Company Commander focuses on battle, the MechWarrior can fully utilize the ER PPC for longer-ranged 'Mechs, and the Large Pulse Laser for any 'Mech that gets too close.


3 C3 Command Computers 1 Command Console Cockpit 1 Guardian ECM 1 ER PPC 1 Large Pulse Laser