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Alternate Time with Thanks!

Alternate Timeline with Thanks (AU)
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Content Drama
War Stories
Political Intrigue
Era Clan Invasion Era
Civil War Era
Jihad Era
Timeline 3059 - 3110


Alternate Timeline with Thanks (abbreviated ATwT) is a Fan-Fiction universe created by fan writer, DragonCat. What would be described as a Saga style story, the main story is has been written in long-format Forum posts (messages) over course of years. In addition, DragonCat has collaborated with other fan writers having whom have contributed to the universe in form of side stories and new tech which has not been seen in the canon BattleTech universe.


This timeline set at the beginning of the 31st Century in the canon BattleTech universe while the Succession Wars raged in the Inner Sphere.

Stories told here centered with Clan Nova Cat which was doomed in by end of this century, making decision to secretly invade the Inner Sphere from Anti-Spin (south) before Clan Invasion was originally to take place and continues well beyond 31st Century.

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