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Author Dragoncat
Series Name Alternate Timeline with Thanks
Alternate Universe Name Alternate Timeline with Thanks (AU)
Year Written 2011/2016 - Present
Story Era Battletech year 3040 - 3119+


Alternate Timeline with Thanks (Abbreviated ATwT) is a event driven long format Fanfiction which was created by the player, DragonCat. He originally began posting his multi-decade saga of a story between two forums of the websites Ourbattletech in 2011 and later on forums beginning in 2016.

It should be noted, that other folks have contributed to the ATwT universe, which includes elements (vehicles, stories, characters, etc) from those contributor's efforts including;
James Tanaga
Blacknova 6
JA Baker/StarBug, among others.

Story Overview[]

Initially the story begins with alternate start to the Clan Invasion, where Clan Nova Cat does not enter the Inner Sphere from Spinward side of the Inner Sphere (Draconis Combine "northern" frontier) but from anti-spinward taking pirate worlds near the Federated Suns.

Differences in Canon[]

The story unfolds as the Clan Invasion accrues not as same as it did in the original Battletech canon.

In course of the story, new technologies, unexpected twists in over all story in characters, and events unfolds. This includes; The sustainment of the existence of Warships, where they were not accepted and phased out gradually over course of the canon timeline. The survival and demise of factions happens unexpectedly, the Jihad (The War started by Word of Blake) not unfolding in similar fashion, early Dark Age Era with rise of a Star League Protectorate and its fight for survival as the Inner Sphere changes as decades rolls by. Ultimately, evolution of the Clans in particular, Clan Nova Cat.

Author's Description[]

  • Bg.Battletech Forums Introduction -
"A while ago I posted My Alternate Timeline with Thanks. It was a barebones timeline where I've posted some mini stories coming off of it. While on OurBattletech site I was asked to post the whole thing. I want to share it with the whole community - it's a bit big. I will update the timeline thread in time and finish the Cat and Bull story threads but this will have the entire thing. A little slow to start with but gets interesting as the Clan War progresses...and so...''"
  • The original Forums Introduction -
"I created this a while ago and regular readers on the CBT forum will be familiar with it. Simple put BattleTech is great, great to play, read, and create. I created this because of 2 reasons. 1) I didn't like the Jihad and DA (a statement I've now changed but still the genesis) and 2) all the units created by players of BattleTech and myself and that I wanted to feature in a single story. This is an expansive timeline and it wouldn't have gotten here unless it was for you the BattleTech readers/creators/players/developers. So special thanks to all and lets get started. Early parts have canon details mixed in so stick with it through the early years it really takes off in 3060s but there are different bits back a bit too and sets scenes later."

Stories and Story Elements[]

Due sheer size of the plot of the story, Dragon Cat get asistance with elements of the AToT universe. James Tanaga best known for his work on the Rim Collection storyline.

Principle Characters[]

  • Canin Rosse - Principle character in Clan Nova Cat
  • Victor Steiner-Davion - First Prince of the Federated Suns/FedCom to first Exarch
  • Danai Centrella-Davion - Alternate life from canon, choosing a different path and life.
  • Morgan Hasek-Davion - Credited for building a new Star League
  • Yvonne Nova Cat (Rosse/Steiner-Davion) - Leaving royalty for Clan life
  • Peter and Isis Steiner-Davion - love from a monastery
  • Archer Christifori - Soldier of originally from Lyran Commonwealth turn, Federated Commonwealth, creating a new legacy

Linked Short Stories[]

These are self-contained chapters & short stories set in the Alternate Universe with Thanks AU.

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  • Note from Author regarding a reason for creating the story
    "One of my motivations behind this timeline was my initial dislike for the Jihad (although that dislike disappeared as the war went on and the excellent material continued). At the same time however my timeline will not have a "Jihad" as far as the canon timeline - it will however have quite a bit of fun and twists.

    It's also not quite the Word of Blake the Inner Sphere has to deal with... its the Manei Domini."
  • Humble Beginnings
    The story originated from a simple list of timelines list of events, which expanded into "Full". Instead a noted event in history, the event would be fleshout by couple paragraphs giving mini-story or more detail information of what event was about. Giving it depth.
  • Seeds of Creativity from other writers
    Many elements of the story can be traced to other writer's works whom have contributed, lent aspects of their own stories or fan projects (fan Technical Readouts) to be added to ATwT.