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Akuma Assault BattleMech
Akuma Assault BattleMech
Custom Design
Designer AlphaMirage
Production information
Manufacturer Luthien Arms Works / Draconis Combine
Model AKU-1K
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 90 tons
Chassis Standard Chassis
Armor Durallex Heavy Standard Armor w/ CASE
Head: 9
CT/CTR: 44/14
Arms: 30
Legs: 38
Engine GM 270 Fusion Engine
Speed 54 km/h
Jump Jets
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,809


The AKU-1K Akuma is a Assault weight BattleMech built by the Draconis Combine. This is a fan created variant based on the canon version created in later tiime, Civil War Era.

This early (what if) variant was designed by fan writer, AlphaMirage, for his fan book Ian Davion, Golden Lion.



Conceived as a cost-effective counterpart to the Atlas the Akuma maintains a distinctive DCMS flavor, at 90 tons it is tied for the heaviest mech produced by Luthien Armor Works from their factory on New Samarkand replacing the Daboku line there. The first units off the factory floor were so similar to the contemporary 3S variant of theBanshee that Defiance Industries filed lawsuits against LAW for intellectual property theft.

Ultimately the case was dismissed by COMSTAR's arbitration board as the Banshee's basic design dated back to almost the dawn of the Battlemech. The Board however ruled that the Akuma's head design, evoking a Samurai's facemask, had to be changed as it was deemed a violation of Defiance's Death's Skull copyright. LAW-New Samarkand tweaked the design enough to pass arbitration before beginning to produce them in earnest. Ultimately the extra time allowed the recently rediscovered full head ejection system and updated weapons to be installed. These new additions increased the final price tag beyond the Atlas by almost a Wasp. The DCMS Procurement Department however deemed the Assault unit's price suitable for its capabilities instead reducing the requisition of more expensive Daboku units and balancing the DCMS Heavy Battalions with cost effective Oro (Stalker), Hatamoto-Chi, and Katana chassis.

Armament and Equipment[]

The Akuma utilizes a number of newly rediscovered technologies paired together with proven designs, a trend that typifies the DCMS latest procurement cycle. In its right arm is a Lord's Light 2 ER PPC originally this was meant to be a Tiegart PPC (with capacitor) like the Hatamoto-Chi, but was changed out after proving itself in the Shinobi redesigns of the Shadow Hawk. In the left torso is the DCMS's most prolific new weapon, the Imperator Code Red LBX. Both weapons provide powerful sustained firepower out ranging equivalent units such as the Atlas and Banshee.

Twenty Three Heat Sinks ensure that the mech remains cool at long range but the addition of the pair of Bical-6 SRMs, Victory 23R medium laser, and Zippo flamer up close can rapidly overheat the machine. CASE protects from ammo explosions while the Full Head Ejection system protects the pilot in the event of hull breach although with seventeen tons of standard plate the Akuma is a formidable Juggernaut every bit as potent as an Atlas on the modern battlefield.

Design Quirks[]

  • None

Technical Notes[]

  • Cost: 11,804,230
  • Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-E

Record Sheets & MegaMekFiles[]

Wiki Note[]

  • Outsider7724 created the MegaMek/Solaris Skunk Works files for this mech, since it was purely fluff (story based)
  • The Akuma visuals were created were rearranged, due to the revere arrangement of the weapons from the original version of the 'Mech, along with removal the center torso launcher, reducing the shoulder launcher to appear have twin SRM-6 Launchers.