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The Aean basilisk is a xenosauroid animal native to the steamy lowland jungles of Aea in the Aurigan Coalition.

Physical Characteristics[]

The Aean basilisk has been described as "a cross between a bird, a six-legged viper, and a flying squirrel." Generally serpentiform in shape, with a stout, flexible body covered in small feathers and supported on three pairs of clawed limbs, the basilisk measures on average 50 cm from nose to tail-tip and weighs an average of 2.3 kg.

The basilisk's head is loosely similar in shape and function to a Terran viper, with a number of "pit organs" along the snout and jawline for taking in olfactory, sonic, and thermal sensory input, and a crest of longer plumage that can be raised and lowered at will. Four eyes, two on each side of the head, provide the basilisk an excellent range of vision for seeking prey in their dense habitat. Unlike the Terran reptile it resembles, the basilisk has eyelids to protect its ocular organs. The creature's jaw is bifurcated, with each side capable of independent movement in a similar, but more pronounced, fashion to some Terran snake species. The basilisk's mouth contains rows of gripping, hollow teeth, which conduct a powerful paralytic venom from glands in the sides of its head

The basilisk's spine is very flexible, allowing the creature a surprising range of motion. The six short, stocky limbs bear a similar shape to terrestrial lizards, with a membrane stretching between them that can be tightened to allow the creature to glide for short distances through suitable atmospheres. The basilisk has the ability to alter the coloration of its plumage and scales, both for camouflage and communicative displays, and the tips of the feathers are capable of bio-luminescence, particularly on the larger feathers of the creature's head crest.