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Admiral Cruiser (Art)
Admiral-Class Cruiser
Production information
Manufacturer Star League
Use General Purpose Combatant
Tech Base Inner Sphere Experimental
Cost 8,834,958,000 C-bills
Introduced 2205
Technical specifications
Mass 480,000
Sail Diameter
Fuel 7,000 Tons (12,500)
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 2
Top Thrust 3
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 12
LF Battery No
Armament Main Weaponry
  • x6 Naval Auto Cannon 10
  • x36 Machine Guns
Armor Primitive Aerospace Armor
DropShip Capacity 0
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
48 / 0
Crew 37 Officers
163 Enlisted/non-rated
18 Gunners
240 Bay Personnel
2,000 Passengers
Grav Decks 1 (1 = 60 meter diameter)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 12 / 12
Heat Sinks 328
Structural Integrity 30
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 11,202[1]


A creation of Liam's Ghost, the Admiral-Class Cruiser is what could be classified as a Primitive Combat JumpShip. Often referred to as a PreDreadnought, given modern era of WarShips was herald with launch of the THS Dreadnought, the first Warship. As the Dreadnought herself was father of all the Warships to come, the Admiral-Class is considered to be the Grand Father.

Class History[]

The Admiral class Cruiser (alternately referred to as the Orel class cruiser after the lead ship) was designed as the Terran Alliance's flagship military jumpship; larger and more powerful than anything else in existence, able to overwhelm any pirate or separatist ship, or suppress unrest on distant worlds with its thousands of embarked troops. It was, for its day, the pinnacle of military technology, and when the Outer Reaches Rebellion began, Alliance officials had faith that their powerful expeditionary fleet, composed of several squadrons of these and other smaller support ships, would soon make quick work of the rebels.

The embarrassing defeat that followed was due to doctrinal and strategic failures rather than equipment, but the Admiral class was caught in the backlash along with everything else tied to the Alliance Colonial Marines. A few senior officers, among them General Seth Van Dorn, pointed to the short jump range of the Admiral as a critical factor in the defeat, claiming that this made the Marines unable to rapidly respond to the constantly changing situation, or ensure proper protection for far flung military convoys. And the Liberal party, having been swept into power on Terra in a wave of anti-war sentiment, seized on this perceived flaw to pass sweeping budget cuts that saw half the class mothballed and several ships scrapped outright. Those ships remaining in service were likewise hobbled by the withholding of needed overhauls and upgrades (another cost cutting measure) which saw many of the ships fall into disrepair. Though this decision would be reversed by 2251 due to the nightmarish instability of Terran politics, a handful of remaining vessels would be in such a poor state that they too would be mothballed. Though the remaining class would finally receive much needed upgrades and refits throughout the 2250s and 2260s, by this point its heyday had passed it by, and the ships would serve primarily in reserve, transport, and training duties. A final upgrade program planned for 2300 was cancelled by order of Admiral James McKenna, due to the class' age and their short jump range (making them ill suited to operate alongside the WarShips and fast transports planned for the Alliance's new battle fleet). The oldest examples in mothballs would be sent to be breakers, while those ships still in reasonable condition would be sold to the various great houses, forming the nucleus of their own nascent combat fleets.

The last known ship of the class, TAS Jellico, served in the provincial fleet of the Principality of Regulus under the name PRS Harmony until 2487, when it was removed from service and scrapped.


This design has never existed in canon, while it's technologies did exist prior to year 2300, writers of BattleTech have never explored or highlight potential pre-WarShips. Primitive JumpShip were never known to designed for heavy combat. While this seems unrealistic, this is a fact of writers not having to written in the age prior to advent of the genre's main theme, ground combat with BattleMechs.

Armament and Equipment[]

The Ship's fusion engines provides enough thrust to move at factor 3. It's hull is protected by 285 tons of primitive aerospace armor. It's Primitive K-F JumpDrive gives the ship the range of 15 Light Years per Jump.

Crew depends on DropShuttles, which were precursor to the full size DropShips, to relay cargo and personal to surface of a planet. The numerous Small Craft were used not unlike fighters, since Aerospace Fighters were not created in time period it was built.

The ship's primary weapon is the Class 10 Naval Auto Cannons (NAC/10), with pair mounted in her nose with 400 shots available. With the remainder of it's four NAC/10s, split in pairs in it's Left/Right Aft Sides. Each of the ship's Naval Autocannon weapons bay house 400 rounds of NAC/10 rounds. The Machine Guns make up the remainder of the ship's weapons, with groups of 18 Machine Guns placed in each of it's Broadside Left & Right sides, and it's Forward Left and right sides with 3,600 rounds ammo to feed these point defense weapons.

Each of it's broadsides the ship mounts a trio of Class 20 Naval Auto Cannons with six Large Lasers. The NAC/20s been allotted 48 tons of ammunition for 120 shots.

Rearward, the ship has four Class 55 Naval Lasers in each of it's side rear arch and aft firing archs complimented with six Large Lasers.

  • Ammunition
    1,200 rounds of NAC/10 ammunition (240 tons)
    14,400 rounds of Machine Gun ammunition (72 tons)


  • Bay 1: Dropshuttle (2) 1 Door
  • Bay 2: Dropshuttle (2) 1 Door
  • Bay 3: Small Craft (48) 5 Doors
  • Bay 4: Cargo (72807.0 tons) 6 Doors


  • The Admiral Cruiser was originally posted on the official BattleTech Forums.
  • Fan art was used due to lack of what appearance of the ship is. This fan art was added for sake of having art on the page.