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Chapter 9 - The Administrator[]

Coast Guard Station Pol Nguyen...

Chief Bonnie Zeira of the Coast Guard Joint working group's OCB department drifted to the seat of her workstation. "Let's see what you saw..."

She manipulated a series of relays, and the volatile memory modules went active.

"Run database comparison, known JumpShip and Dropship architecture, isolate anomalous returns."

The software was designed by Rockjacks and cousin personnel out by NIOPS for salvage work, then retasked by Coast Guard's Organized Crime Bureau.

Results started showing up immediately based on what the slain pinnace's sensors had picked up during the incident.

"Map to visual reconstruction, extrapolate configuration."

A shape took form.

"Now...that's interesting. add suit-cam data in overlay, assemble probable points of commonality."

The shape sharpened.

"Very interesting...freeze simulation..." she enhanced an image from one of the miner's helmets.

She reached over, and tabbed a comm. "Captain, we need to call a system wide alert."


"I said, we need to call a system wide alert, this wasn't a claim-jump and we don't have a lot of time." she said calmly again. "Protocol Alpha Three one three echo. Charlie Foxtrot inbound."

"What did you find? Why are you calling a war alert?"

"Because an enemy warship is in the system, estimate two hundred thousand tons, with stealth coatings, but she's at least a Corvette, sir, and present with hostile intent."

"Which Clan?"

"I don't know, sir, but she's Clan built, her drives are showing their spectra, and she fired unprovoked on civilians."
"You'd better be right about this!"

Thunder ripped through the station modules before she could answer, and for the briefest of moments, she could see stars where the bulkhead had been...and then the superheated shockwave killed her.

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