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Chapter 83 - The Administrator[]

Naval Command Center
Tharkad system
Lyran Commonwealth

"Well, they're coming and they brought the good dishes." Fleet Admiral Sharon Ngo gestured to the command stations. "First ones across the border were the last ones on your list, Your Highness."

"The last ones?" asks Archon Trillian Steiner-Davion

"Nikol Marik-did I say that right? I think she brought her whole damn navy as an honor guard. Four Corvettes and an the Atreus. Just hooked up at the charging and fueling facility we put up at Bolan. Nghien's report says they're behaving and so is the Wolf delegation, who just arrived six days after. that's two..." she paused, as another report came in and another sector of the map lit. "The Rasalhague Dominion brought a Leviathan II, they're fueling at Fort Pitstop."

"Who did they send?"

"I guess someone decided I needed a counter." Sharon said, "They're sending Bekker. She's hardcore pro-Republic and an agitator for the Conservative wing of the Clan. I think the Diplobrats are going to have a hell of a time keeping some of these people separated enough we don't get fist-fights in the meetings."

"THAT is part of your job, Sharon." Trillian stated.

"What, we're holding it on the Yard?" Sharon asked innocently.

Trillian laughed, "You know that new grav-deck structure you were so proud of?"

Sharon got it. "YOU want to make sure everyone sees the Tharkad Division, right?"

"The viewing area is superb."

"It's unsecure."

"Yes." Trillian noted, "I will be wearing my skinsuit and a nice ensemble Giorgio cooked up for it. It's a discussion of possible Naval Treaties, we might as well show off the Commonwealth's Naval Power."

"Especially since everyone is bringing theirs?" Sharon suggested, "I can make it even more impressive, if you want-like, say, letting my people do their jobs. They're going to get a pretty strong impression of how far we've come all the way here. rubbing their noses in it might be...kinda..."


"You know me too well, Your Highness...or I'm a bad influence." Sharon confessed.

"Roddy thinks you're a good influence." Trillian assured her.

"Roderick thinks anything that gets him 'there faster and with moster' and on-call orbital support is a 'good influence'. I swear the man's getting lazy." Sharon stated.

"Quit it or get a room...." Trillian told her, "..or don't. You two have been dancing around it for ten years now."

"He's a toothpick." Sharon imitated an upper-class Tharkan accent, "I'd break him in two pieces." then she sighed, "We're just friends, Highness. He's a great guy and I wouldn't come between him and his lady-of-the-week."

"You've contemplated it, yes?" Trillian hinted.

"He's handsome, clever, a great fighter, and rich?" Sharon said, "Yeah, I've thought about Roderick Steiner. Just about every woman in the damn nation at least. The ones that aren't exclusively into other women, have thought about him...fantasized about him...but no. It would be unprofessional. It would ruin a good working relationship, and besides, I was always the ugly Betty. The Ducal line's going through Patrick, and I'm fine with being the cool aunt." she shot the Archon a smile. "Besides, I'm like, forty eight now, well past my 'sell by' date in the dating game. Middle-Aged, men get 'distinguished', girls like me get old."

Trillian looked her in the eyes, "SERIOUSLY??"

"When I was a teenager, I figured out the cure for excessive romantic thoughts." Sharon said. "It's solitude and calisthenics." she tapped her shoulders, "THIS, is thirty eight years of frustration and self-discipline."

Trillian's eyes went wide, "You mean you've never-"

"I didn't say that. had a couple fun rolls in the twenties." Sharon stated, " know, romantic attachments get in the way of doing the job, and I never really had any fun when I was in my experimental phase."

"Oh my god, you poor thing..."

"Drop the pity, i get enough of it from Sithers-Minh and Falcone." Sharon said, switching to a more serious tone, "Your cousin's safe with me-I won't be grabbing the Marshall of the Armies for some snu-snu between meetings. Among other things, I doubt he has enough settings." and Trillian started to giggle.

"Let's get back to serious work here, Highness." Sharon said. "Enough about my nonexistent personal life."

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