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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 71 - The Administrator[]

LCS Hermann Steiner
Frederick Steiner Class Battleship
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
October 11, 3150

"Your mother, Nicole, plotted a course to Terra that avoided the pickets of the Word of Blake back in the 3070s. Can you do that?" Sharon Ngo asked.

"I don't know." Rear Admiral Linda Sithers-Minh answered. "Where am I going?"

"Past the Wolf Empire, Rasalhague Dominion, Draconis Combine, and into Federated Suns Space. One way or another you're going to have to cross possibly hostile territory without engaging to get there....and you're not going to be doing it alone."

"How 'not alone' are we talking?"

"She wants to send a task-force to aid Julian Davion before he makes a serious mistake and gets too far in bed with the Republic."

"She being the Archon."


"So...blaze a route that can avoid detection across two or more hostile territories to a place that might be hostile territory when we get there, to support someone who might not be an ally when we arrive, and get home alive while doing the same trick the other way?" Nicole asked innocently.

"Can you do it?"

"Would you like fries with that universe? a custom saddle for that unicorn?" Linda asked. "Short answer, with a large taskforce, is 'no', that's the answer you want me to give you, because it means they can't do it to us."

"Long answer?"

"Yes." Linda stated, "We can, indeed, with the right preparations and charts, at the right time of year, set up Her Majesty's lifeline to her cousin. if we do this, it's going to put the whole inner sphere on their ass for real. It might GET the whole Inner Sphere on YOUR ass for real."

"What do you need?"

"A year and a half to prep it, complete secrecy, a set of JumpShips carrying prefabricated station modules, fuel supplies and consumables, and a destination." Linda stated, "We'll build a supply route as we go, so in addition to that task-force, we'll need a secondary force to guard the drops and maintain them...and it has to be even more secret. everything compartmentalized until it's finished, with a standing guard force that can resist takeovers once it is, because as soon as we're there? someone's going to want the route, the supply dumps, they'll either want it for themselves, or they'll want to cut it."

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