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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 60 - The Administrator[]

LCAF Headquarters, LCN Annex.
Tharkad City
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth

"...Hermann Steiner ready for sea trials, we still haven't found a suitably ranked officer." Sharon tapped the conference table with a platinum-plated crowbar. She was back in 'proper' uniform, aka ship's skinsuit, with a duty overlayer.<br?>

Harmony Ngo, her Aunt, and former Commodore for 3rd Cutter Division, KCGM before being 'activated' as a Kapitan in the LCN, spoke up.

"I have a recommendation." she said.

"I get the feeling I'm not going to like it. Speak." Sharon crossed her arms, leaving the crowbar on the table.<br?>

"Instead of finding a Heinie with a grain of sense, which is what we did with the Frederic Steiner, I recommend promotion of one of my people to Kapitan/Commodore status. Linda Sithers-Minh-002. She's white enough the Heinies will take her, and she's both trained, and experienced."

"She's also on a recon bird seventy five lights away." Sharon said.<br?>

"She's due for shore duty, Mum." Harmony said, "I've got a full squadron up there, we can pull the David Ngo off the line for an officer's stand-down."<br?>

"Bring her in. Set up an Officer's Board but, don't tell her why."<br?>

"Aye Mum."<br?>

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