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Chapter 54 - The Administrator[]

Clanbuilt HPG Network Traffic Net

"You must be joking, quiaff?" Khan Alaric Ward said to the woman on the screen.

"No, I am not joking. We are preparing for unrestricted war with the Jade Falcons and their Mongol friends." Trillian Steiner said. "You are not their friends, right?"

"I am offended at the mere thought!"

"Good. Then do not interfere against us. I would ask if you wished to contribute but, I understand there are some...bad feelings about the events of July of 3143, and we can not afford distractions. The intent is to annihilate the Mongols, root, and branch. Your coreward border will, as a result, be your safest border. We will not be engaging rimward, It would be...appreciated...if no cause were given to turn rimward until Malvina Hazen and her psychotic followers have been exterminated."

Alaric leaned out of the camera view for a moment, and mumbled voices-a short conversation, he returned to the frame. "You use terms like 'exterminated' and 'annihilate'? What are you planning, Archon Trillian Steiner-Davion?"

"Exactly what it says on the box. Unrestricted war, Khan Alaric Ward. As Sharon puts it, 'we're going to kill Rimjobs'. The step of calling in forces from the Quarantine has been taken as well-not just one cutter division and a few destroyers, we're levying ALL the calls. Interference with our operations will be interpreted as alliance with the enemy and responded to accordingly. You can take this opportunity to finish conquering the Republic, or subduing the Free Worlds League. I don't care but, Wolf raiding across the border against Lyran Targets will be responded to with disproportionate force. Keep your people focused away from us until this is over."

He consults offscreen.

"I want in." He said upon his return. "We have long standing grudges against Clan Jade Falcon, and...cousins...on your side of the border. You will make a place for Clan Wolf in your war, Quiaff?"

She frowned doubtfully, then, "Yes. Be ready."

[connection closed]

CWS Dire Wolf
Uninhabited System near Hesperus II
Lyran Commonwealth
December 3147

Sovetskii Soyuz Class Heavy Cruiser - Refit (No Logo) (Matt Plog)

CWS Dire Wolf', Sovetskii Soyuz-Class Heavy Cruiser

"They must be insane." Alaric said after the communication terminated. "In eighty years, they have never had the forces to take on Jade Falcon, and that was before they let that charlatan Stone disarm them!"

"You allowed them to drive us off of Tharkad, my Khan. Maybe they are stronger than you believe?"

"I let them go, because Tharkad was a ploy to stop the Jade Falcons, and that psychotic elemental breed from Kowloon brought nuclear missiles." He said, "in quantity."

"That psychotic is her Chief of Naval Operations and has spent the last three years reforming their naval branch." Anastasia Kerensky noted.

"That suggests they are fielding lots of nukes then..." he agreed. "We need to be involved if for no other reason than to assure there is something left. Begin organizing a task-force, Ana. This is not like HAMMERFALL, this time we are dealing with honorable leaders and the loose-cannon is not in the mold of Vedet Brewer...and as allies. We will have influence and access enough to make the final conquest of the Commonwealth much, much simpler."

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