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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 53 - The Administrator[]

The Triad
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
December 3147

How does a nation truly go to war?

it does not begin with the Declaration of hostilities. It doesn't begin with the initiation of hostilities.

Those can happen before, or AFTER the preparations. It begins with understanding that war is not the answer, it is the question. It truly begins, when the answer to that question...

Is yes.

"Release the reports to the press." the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth had been praying for 'no' to be the answer, even when she hired a Ngo to be her Chief of Naval Operations. She'd prayed that answer was 'no' when she approved Sharon's naval budget, when she'd pushed Sharon to accept a massive Warship project to soothe the multitude of ruffled feathers caused by that project.

She'd been praying for 'no' when she saw the name 'Boondoggle' crossed out and the name of the illustrious Frederic Steiner replacing the name of that massive warship program.

She'd prayed for time, while encouraging Sharon Ngo to begin paying for new shipyards deep in the less-threatened areas of the realm. While Sharon had been building the navy off the backs of the Quarantine Zone's largely untouched industries.

God said 'no'. Trillian recognized this, when the intelligence reports and flybys lined up. Showing atrocity and genocide in Clan-held areas of the Commonwealth. Areas that neither Melissa nor Brewer had been able to hold.

God said no to the Archon's prayer for peace and so the answer had to be 'yes' to the question of war.

Not raids, not conflict. This is war.

"Make sure every word of those reports; Every image is on every station, Network, and News-Feed in the Lyran Commonwealth. Unedited except for language translation." she said.

Then she composed a message to a cousin she considered a good friend.


I'm sorry, Julian. I can not help you. Enclosed, is why I can not help you. You can not save us, and paradoxically, we can no longer spare the resources to help you save the Federated Suns.


"One more step before we make the public statement." she said.


"I have to inform the Wolves...and pray they understand what we're doing." she said, "We can't win a war on two fronts."

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