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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 48 - The Administrator[]

LCS Charles Vanh
Outer Asteroid Belts, Pobeda System
Lyran Commonwealth
November 18th, 3147

On telescope, the domes were blackened craters. The Jade Falcon garrison on the mars-like fourth world still hadn't spotted them. On the earth-like world, some of the cities were blackened smears on long range and at high magnification levels, the signs of atrocity were everywhere.

Commander David Tranh watched with silent rage. The destruction had no military purpose, except to cow the population. The recon flight was a week using nothing but passives and dropping sensats to observe the star system.

"Mongol doctrine. Enslave everyone they don't press-gang to attack their next target." Lt. Cavershaw-66 from the Winter system's outers said. "We were briefed on this, remember?"

"Yeah." Tranh turned to his XO. "We need to do something about this."

"If we're lucky, we will-She didn't order recon flights for nothing."

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