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Chapter 46 - The Administrator[]

Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
October 22nd, 3144

"...what if I asked you to provide technical aid to the Federated Suns Navy in support of cousin Julian?" Trillian asked Sharon as was on planet.

"I would tender my resignation effective immediately and return home, your Highness." Sharon said it without hesitation.

"They helped us."

"I didn't say they didn't." Sharon said, "I simply said I would resign rather than obey that order. Julian Davion has plenty of competent officers, Boeing has competent engineers. Getting involved in their internal politics is giving up on our internal reforms, and once again letting New Avalon decide Tharkad's policies and priorities. You don't need me to be a yes-man, I'm sure any one of the men I personally fired will happily do that job, and they will just as happily let Lockheed-CBM put a ramming prow on the Frederick Steiner class battleships to impress the Feddies while bankrupting the realm."

"He was impressed with you, you know."

"I don't care." Sharon said. "I care about one thing: My duty to our Nation. You gave me a job, I am going to do that job. getting bound up in someone else's internal struggles? is not that job. Our house is far from in order, even in the Navy...besides, They were spying on us."

"Pretty narrow view." Trillian said.

"You didn't hire me for my open politics." Sharon said, "You hired me to fix a broken navy and help save what is left of our nation. Pat would go if you asked him."

"He doesn't have"

"He's a competent 'mechwarrior, and that would get him respect from the Feds." Sharon observed, "I would've appointed Kyle Mosovich if I thought my uncle couldn't administrate in the Q-Zone." Sharon studied her cup, the coffee was getting cold. "You want to send me."

"You won't go." Trillian said.

"Correct. do I need to submit my resignation?" Sharon asked.

", don't do that. I won't make you make that choice." Trillian said, relenting. "I will ask that you stop calling their naval officers ******, at least, where the press can hear it. It reflects poorly on the Commonwealth."

"As you command, Highness."

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