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Chapter 38 - The Administrator[]

Archon's Apartments
Triad, Tharkad City
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
August, 3143

" term today." Roderick said.

"What's your new term?" Trillian asked.

"Quarantine Fleet Discipline." he said, "She's put the whole service on lock-down, and expressed no concern at the number of resignations this has caused."

Trillain Steiner-Davion crossed her arms and looked out at the gardens. "I know." she said, "What's your take, Roddy?"

"A pile of listening devices in LCN headquarters says she might be right. They're pulling them out of the walls. She won't use her new offices here on Tharkad-she prefers to run things from a wardroom at the shipyard."

Trillian nodded, "All correct except it's not a wardroom." she turned to her General of the Armies, "She's using a cargo module, and de-authorized non-vacuum rated uniforms. Everyone is to be in skinsuits at all times that they are not in EVA armor, both space, and shore duty."

"You know then."

"Ja. It's almost like she wants them to act like a navy. I had to convince her not to institute flogging on Commonwealth ships!" she grinned.

"That had to be a joke."

"Her joke, had me going for half an hour before I realized the woman wasn't seriously considering the use of public whippings as a discipline tool."

"You're inclined to allow this to go on?" Roderick asked.

"Yes. It took Clan Wolf fifteen minutes to overcome Tharkad's orbital defense and gain superiority in the system. it took her twelve hours to root them out and smash their invasion fleet-the first Lyran Naval victory in generations." she crossed her arms, and shivered, "It took decades to build the defense net that the Wolves overcame in minutes."

"Not for the first time, either?" Roderick asked.

"No not the first time." she turned, "How's your mole-hunt in the rest of the LCAF?"

He shrugged, "Not as many resignations, I haven't had to implement as many restrictions...I'm still finding them though, and I'm starting to think the Admiral may have a point regarding where to discuss classified information, and with whom."

Fleet Memo LCN Regulation update 3143/08/11:Operational Security.

No encryption algorithm is secure. No transmissions go unmonitored.
Therefore: no broadcast of uncoded information is to be employed on any medium of communication regardless of encryption hardware used.

Exception: Information you wish the enemy to have and/or act on.

-Ngo, Sharon, Fleet Admiral
Chief of Naval Operations, Lyran Commonwealth Navy

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