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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 37 - The Administrator[]

Commonwealth Naval Command
Triad, Tharkad City
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
July, 3143

The opulent offices were being stripped out, centuries of decoration removed, boxed, and sent to warehouses for transfer to museums and auction-houses. Much of the resulting real-estate was being converted to other purposes.

On a table in the entry foyer, were a pile of electronic devices.

"What are those?" General of the Armies Roderick Steiner asked.

"Bugs, sir. monitoring and listening devices located by construction crews and security teams." Captain Emily Falcone's German was heavily accented with Asiatic tonal undertones. "We strip an office, a hallway, and we find them. The Fleet Admiral has them placed here for examination by LIC on their weekly visits."

"You've found so many...since you started?"

She laughed, "No, this is today's haul. I think they have a warehouse where they take them, or hope they have a warehouse!" casually, she reached down and lifted one from the table, "Terran made, very rare, see the delicacy of the electronics? The sensor? not like today's crude tech. There are devices from Terran makers, and Luthien, and we think maybe the Free Worlders as well. this headquarters is a rich strike of surveillance history, not much to wonder, why the Commonwealth has been on the back foot for centuries. The humorous ones, are the Lyran-made devices. like layers of deposited sediment, everyone listening to everyone listening."

She sorted them, "Corporate...individual noble houses, internal military...external military, hostile military..." she stopped, "someone knows every move decided in these offices, has tapped every movement order, every supply request, every directive from the highest levels."

"So where is your boss?"

"Shipyard." Emily said, "She has moved all functions from here, to the shipyard until the refit is complete."

He frowned. "This is why she has the entire naval officer corps on lockdown?"

The Kowloonese born Captain nodded. "Ja. Everyone is on Quarantine Fleet discipline, not just the officers. Serving officers may no longer live off-post and may only take three days per month to visit family. Anyone wishing to remain a serving officer must cut connection to all non-service associations, clubs, and political parties. Also contacts external to the service must be reviewed and approved, all personal items must fit in a one meter by half meter by half meter locker, anything excess must be placed into storage or returned to one's civilian family."

Which explained why the parking structure was being demolished-officers who must live on-post or shipboard do not require Gieneh Roadsters.

"This has to have a negative effect on morale." he said.

"They can resign." she shrugged, "There is no bar to resignations. The restrictions won't last perpetually. The Admiral is making...a point. Removing the 'social' from the 'social officers'. Those that can tough it through the restrictions will be better officers when they are lifted. The intent is to get across to the...staff... that we are at war."

"Is she at the yard now?" He asked.

"Yes, general."

"Thank you, Captain. I guess I must go to Muhammed."

Emily frowned as the General of the Armies turned, and strode back to the surface entrance.

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