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Chapter 36 - The Administrator[]

Creary's Club
Tharkad City
Tharkad System
Lyran Commonwealth
July, 3143

Opulence. the finest wood trim, silk wallhangings, expensive chardonnay and beautiful servants (both male, and female). The Creary club is exclusive, members-only, and a frequent haunt for many of the senior officers in LCAF procurement.

Even during office hours..well, to be more precise, especially during office hours. Their aides and staffers being back at Headquarters. It was in Creary's back rooms that discussions were had, deals were made.

Today, at 10:00 hours Triad time, in the morning, fifteen senior admirals and generals are present in the various opulent chambers of this exclusive retreat, enjoying the finest food, alcohol, and the company of beautiful women and men, many of them paid for by major contractors throughout the Commonwealth.

At 10:01, the front doors are knocked in by explosives, and an entry team dressed in light power armor, with assault shotguns and tear gas proceed. It's not the only team, another one is coming through the back door, and the loading doors, and the store rooms, and the roof.

The Assault teams have the word "Militärpolizei" stenciled across their shoulders. Panicked staff and civilians are rounded up, a few of the bouncers and security men wind up with mild injuries from applied fists and stun-batons.

Fifteen senior LCAF officers are dragged from their 'meetings' and forced to stand in the central atrium.

She walks in. 1.75 meters tall, 159 kilograms of solid muscle in her LCN Duty Dress uniform, (Which despite the cut, seems entirely too tight around her biceps and thighs...) cap set over short, helmet-cut hair, the rank of a Fleet Admiral glittering on her shoulders, a braid with three services: black, Blue, and silver indicating service in Infantry, wet-naval, and space. There are very few ribbons on her uniform but, there is a nametag.


She examines each of these senior officers in turn.

"You may go, General." she said, "And you...and you...and you, Herr Colonel. Get out of here now, before I have to acknowledge seeing you, Herr General Steiner wishes a word with each of you."

She turned to the Naval officers remaining.

"You will not explain yourselves." she said, "You will not do so, because no explanation your feeble minds could concoct, will suffice." she reached up and took the rank of a Vice Admiral in her hand, and with a single stroke, ripped it off. "You are a disgrace. a parasite. You will sign this resignation letter, and you will clear your desk, or you will be cashiered and publicly humiliated. You will do this today. Immediately after I have dismissed you."

she shoved the torn fragment of uniform into his chest, causing a wheezing gasp. she turned to the next one. "You will submit your resignation as I have written it, you will clear out your desk, you will do this today, immediately and with no delay or hesitation. The Commonwealth has no more need of your services."

She did this with each of eight senior LCN officers. The ninth one, she back-handed, knocking the man to the floor, where he moaned around a broken jaw.

"Take this one into custody for summary courts-martial on the charge of treason. Once he has been found guilty, let him be found in orbit."

"Aye Mum. Orbit." A pair of Chiefs grab the stricken rear admiral by his arms and haul him to his feet. "Question him?"

"No. The evidence speaks for itself."

She turned to the others. "You are dismissed. Get from my sight."

Fleet Memo, Lyran Commonwealth Navy.

"In the beginning...we begin by removing the overtly incompetent.
This is followed, by removal of the criminal.
After the criminal has been removed, we remove the Traitorous.
With the Traitor removed we can examine for the lazy.
Only free of the corrupt, the incompetent and the lazy, do we begin the process of reform."

-Fleet Admiral Sharon Elizabeth Ngo, LCN

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