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Chapter 27 - The Administrator[]

The Plan...

Phase 1: Recon

2nd Squadron, 3rd Division Kowloon Coast Guard Marine

Patrol 1: Pirate point to within 33,000,000 kilometers of the Nadir point, proceed to 5 light-seconds, identify and evaluate enemy transportation assets. deploy sigint satellites and smallcraft reconaissance units to evaluate enemy security and identify key infrastructure among enemy forces.

Patrol 2: Nonstandard insertion point 40,000,000 kilometers of Apogee, proceed to 5 light seconds range of apogee point, identify enemy transport assets.

Patrol 3: Nonstandard insertion, 5th planetary body, Tharkad system Lagrange point, locate and identify invading dropship and carrier assets, establish communications tightbeam network with Tharkan belt and extraplanetary communities, deploy recon assets to evaluate enemy control in Tharkad Airspace, contact remnant LCAF aerospace and/or Naval units in the mid-system.

Patrol 4: close approach in the tharkan trojans, operation under EMCON, link to tightbeam network established by Patrol 3. deploy smallcraft SIGINT units and ecm generating satellites, deploy Marine Force Recon by low-emission-signature smallcraft to the world of Tharkad itself with the mission of contacting hold-outs on the planetary surface in preparation for the main event.

Field Preparation

1st Squadron, 3rd Division KCGM

Patrol 1: nonstandard entry point, 2nd planetary body, Tharkad system (L2). Proceed to link with network, position sunward side, stand by while charging.

Patrol 2: Nonstandard entry point deployment, Tharkan Belts. Deploy smallcraft tugs, securing a number of rocks of over 300 tons and below 1000. Install 1G thrust packages and guidance heads and ECM generators. target only orbiting or steady-transit assets belonging to Clan Wolf or Jade Falcon. Initiate and move to second preliminary position. Transponder masking as commercial vessels is authorized.

Patrol 3: Nonstandard entry L1 position, Tharkad. Target grounded enemy dropships and drop zones identified in phase 1, engage with extreme prejudice.

Patrol 4: engage Clan transport jumpships at Zenith and Nadir points, engage enemy defensive vessels (Assault dropships and/or Pocket Warships) on picket duty with enhanced physics package weaponry (1MT or larger to guarantee hard kills) Fighters are to open with antishipping and long-range antifighter missiles before engaging in dogfighting. (Commander's discretion). This is in coordination with previously deployed recon assets.

Mission Objective: cripple the invaders' ability to resupply or reinforce their ground invasion, cripple or distract their aerospace defenses in preparation for the main assault, sow confusion.

Phase 2: Main Assault

Utilizing Ryan Collective "Group Jump" techniques, squadrons 2 and 3 will escort surface assault forces through Tharkad's L3 lagrange point, engaging enemy naval and aerospace assets as necessary to securely land 4th Marine Division and LCAF units "Inarcs Jaegers RCT", "2nd New Capetown Fusiliers Regiment" on Tharkad itself at points identified and prepared by recon elements. Objective: Break the back of the invaders on Tharkad itself and the Tharkad system.

Reserve: 1 vessel from each patrol, plus support tenders, will be held back as a strategic reserve and deployed as-needed in support of counter-invasion operations.

Go-Time for phase 2: 16 July, 3143, 02:00 Triad Local time.

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