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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 26 - The Administrator[]

Ducal Chambers
Inarcs system
Lyran Commonwealth
November, 3142

"Shut up, Daniel." Sharon Ngo was sitting in the Ducal chambers, Coast Guard Marines were throughout the palatial complex. Her body-armor had ruined most of the ducal throne, which is what you get with 750 kilograms of powered armor, 'light' when you sit it on leatherette-padded wood. "While you're shutting up, quit gaping. I'm here for your Ducal Guard."

"What?" he finally managed to squeak out.

"I said, I'm here for your army, dipshit."
she bobbled her helmet with one hand, while tracing a pattern on the tapestry. "All of them. We're marching to the relief of Tharkad. House LaRue is coming with..." She reached into the satchel bolted to her armor, and tossed a pair of Padds across the floor, "Needs your signature. Seeing as you supported Brewer, a little security in securing your support seemed reasonable."

She got up, leaving the shattered remains of the throne-a vestige of his great-aunt's time as Archonette and an unfortunate reminder of what defying the Archon's authority leads to, behind. "I decided I didn't have time to convince you of my sincerity or patriotism, so I'm going to convince you of my violence and nasty temper, along with my having more combat power than you, because we all know cunning political bitches need to be reminded that violence-prone ****** exist. You feeling me? Sign the orders, I'm taking the Blackstone Highlanders and the Inarcs Jaegers, you can either sign it while alive, or posthumously."

"You're giving me what I want...and threatening me at the same time?" he scoffed, as he picked up the PADD units and applied his thumb-print.

"Common interests only coincide at inconvenient times. This, for example..." she accepted the PADDs, "...almost makes up for your ordering the hit on my mother...almost..." she read the orders, and smiled a bitter smile, then she passed it to his Ducal Guard commanders. "Have your men ready to board ship in seventy hours, with provisions for a six month sustained campaign."

She turned to him, "Let the Duke go, lads." she said, "Commander Nguyen, order the boys to fall back to the ships, we're done here."

"Admiral! He contracted the murder of-"

"Yes, he did but, we need his forces. It's Melissa's call whether or not he faces a gallows for it!" she snapped, "If his men perform well in doing their duty, he might even get pardoned. Our job, is to get forces to the front, not to judge, or mis-judge, this man's acts." she lifted her helmet one-handed, and slammed the contact ring down on her suit, "So he lives for now." she reached out, and placed her armored hand on his shoulder, squeezing VERY gently, he still winced in pain. "The realm, is at war." she released him, "He knows what he did...and that we know what he did."

She left footprints in the tile as she walked out of the ducal court. "Besides, he can clean up the bodies of his courtiers."

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