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Chapter 20 - The Administrator[]

KCGS "Mary", Codename "Coast Guard One"
Sampan IV-Class Cutter
Kowloon System
Lyran Commonwealth

Sharon anchored herself to her desk, and began going over reports from the rest of the Zone. While a Steiner was running the Theater, at least in theory, since the Quarantine went up, almost, Kowloon's ducal responsibilities were like an Archonette, only with the added burden of sending reports to whomever the current Margrave happened to be.

Labor unrest on Inarcs was nothing new. In this case, the unrest was due to LCAF contracts not being paid on time to the arms factories on that world, which in turn was due to the financial chaos of the blackout. Reports from Hood IV and Mandaoaaru showed an uptick in illegal migrations. Hood IV's problem was a group trying to leave that had to be arrested, Mandaoaaru's..."Illegal immigrants? Huh." she cross-checked. Jessenice and Jerangle were also reporting illegals trying to get in.

Popular influx could destabilize the belt economies if it wasn't managed properly, and many of the refugee groups showed common trends toward a lack of vaccination record, spotty medical records, and questionable origins, mixed with a decided lack of useful trades and skills.

Sampan III Class Cutter - Full Thrust (Ngoverse)

KCGS Mary, Sampan-IV Class Cutter underway.

In the belts, unskilled labor was...well, counter-survival. she pushed those reports to the side for the moment-for the time being, those issues weren't the sort she had authority to deal with, and would have to be dealt with by planetary authorities.

She looked at the screen displaying the shipyard from monitoring devices set real-time. a new KF spine was in slip eleven. Her mother had encouraged her interest in Starships and ship-building, recognizing that the future of Kowloon was not found in planet-bound life. Sharon had studied to join the Coast Guard.

She turned her attention back to her reports, the paperwork of the Ducal role.

OCB reported positive identification of the culprits behind the murder of her mother. A cadre of officers in the LCAF's intelligence division had been behind it, at the urging of a member of the LaRue family currently affiliated with the Brewer faction.

"So nice to see stupidity and feuds can still ****** everything up for all of us." she muttered. She took a moment, and drafted an executive instruction. OCB was to sit on the information but, to leak it to Melissa Steiner's supporters by indirect means.

{I'm not my grandmother or my mother.} she mused, {I will wait to be invited by the Archon to do something about it.}

"Computer, bring up forensic reconstruction of the Kelli Whyte incident in the Winter system, full text and visual."

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