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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 16 - The Administrator[]

Merchant JumpShip, Winstwind
Mandaouaaru system
Lyran Commonwealth
Quarantine Zone
3142 - 10:46 hours

"'s a false bulkhead, Sirrah. What are you playing at hey?" Lt. Charlie 'Nigel' Forstner demanded. The Ship's Master looked properly alarmed at the discovery of the deception in their Dropship, Charlie nodded to a Bosun's mate, "Open it up, or my boys here will open it for you."

The concealed bolts were undone quick enough alright.

"Jesus Christ." the space was too crowded for the people packed into it, and even without the Clan jumpsuits and symbols, Charlie knew Kerenskyist civilians on sight.

Women, and children. Packed like tuna, scared and somewhat dehydrated. "Where were you taking them?" He asked casually.

"Safety." the man said. "It's not safe anymore, anywhere...but there is no war in the Quarantine zone."

"Sweet Jesus, Flynn are you getting my visual?"<br>

"We're getting it X-ray, Sending contact to Higher, Over."

"Roger that..." he turned on the ship's master, "When were you planning on giving these people water? and food, and air??"

An unreasonable anger seized him, and he seized the ship's master, "Tell me that, hey??"

His tirade was interrupted by the sound of his commanding officer over the comms. "XO, we have clearance at Mandoaaru Key Station, you're ordered to bring the vessel in for impound, immigration officers will be on hand, Over."

"Roger that, heard the Captain, Lads. This vessel and her dropships are under Quarantine Impound, we are to proceed to Mandoaaru Key Station...Corpsman Kelly, Bright, Petty Officer Sinclair, start pre-examinations of these civilians, Sween, find where they'er stashing the rations on this tub and begin meal preps, have the crew assist."

"Aye Sirrah!"

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