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The Administator (Chapter Cover Art) Chapter Page - Book 1

Chapter 1 - The Administrator[]

Kowloon, Coventry Province
Lyran Commonwealth
3142 CE

"No." Her Grace and Duchess Sharon Ngo let the word float in the room.

"Duchess Ngo, your grace. You are obligated to." General Ilse Krieger insisted.

"Surprisingly, no, I am not." the young Duchess, successor to Amanda Ngo, who fell victim to an assassination not ten days ago, shook her head. "I am obligated only to my world, and the terms of the Annexation Treaty of 2782. I can quote the relevant passages if you need a refresher, General. Kowloon has sent Fifty Percent of our standing Militias to the aid of the Lyran Commonwealth over the course of this emergency, including all battlemech forces currently extant. We have tolerated the garrison of mercenary units on our soil, however, I am not Richard Cameron."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I will not bleed my people dry and accept foreigners as replacements until we're under the thumb of a foreign appointed governor, General. Those mercs can find work elsewhere, perhaps on the front lines of the current conflict. Mercenaries are bought soldiers, they serve under contract, if Brewer can't negotiate a contract to use those bought soldiers on the front, they are worthless, and I will not have worthless soldiers making trouble in my territory, I will also not bleed my people's defenses to the point those soldiers appear more valuable than they are, especially under the command of a man whose chief value as a military commander is the presence of a Y chromosome."

"You do understand, I must place you under arrest." the General told her.

"I understand you must try." she told him, "One of us isn't going to walk out of here, because I am obligated to refuse to allow myself to be arrested by an officer acting on behalf of an illegitimate Archon."

His guards moved, she was faster.

Krieger watched it in slow motion, as Sharon drew her pistol, while rolling to the side, her first shots were placed on his men as if she were standing stationary on a target range.

Blam! a man fell.

Blam! another,

Blam! a third, clutching at his throat as his lifeblood flooded into his lungs.

Blam! a fourth, her TK-22 assault rifle spraying the far side of the chamber.

Blam! his aide, Hauptmann Grief's, head opened at the back, spraying blood and brains across the map on the wall.

Two more of the general's bodyguards slumped, knives buried into the backs of their skulls by Her Grace's men.

He barely had his sidearm clear of the holster as a cold, smooth blade lay against his throat. "Down weapons, herr general." a man's voice said reasonably as the Duchess got to her feet, and re-filled the cylinder of her primitive looking magnum revolver.

"This is rebellion." Krieger said.

"No, this is rule of law. a soldier is obligated not to obey any unlawful order. As the Usurper Brewer is not the legitimate nor legal Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, I am obligated to refuse to support him-or the cabal that put him in charge, and in such cases, lethal force is permitted when reason fails." she placed the sidearm back in her cross-draw holster, "You are under arrest, Herr General, bound by law, for crimes against the legitimate government of the Lyran Commonwealth and conspiracy to commit additional crimes. You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to competent legal counsel, you have the right to a fair and unbiased hearing of tribunal. do you understand those rights as I have explained them?"

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