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Abrams Heavy Tank
Custom Design
Designer ???
Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Industries
Mission Cavalry
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 75 tons
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 250 XL Fusion Engine
Speed 86.4 km/hr
Crew 4

LB 20-X AC,Medium Pulse Laser,SRM-6,2xMachine Gun

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1213


One of the fastest MBTs in history, the Abrams can double the speed of most combat vehicles, and match speed with many 'Mechs. Its distinctive angled superstructure provides excellent protection from all manner of projectiles, many of which simply ricochet off. It is rumored that the Abrams is named after and based on an ancient Terran vehicle.


In its turret, the Abrams is armed with a colossal LB 20-X AC, a Medium Pulse Laser, and two 20mm Vulcan cannons. A single SRM-6 launcher is mounted in the forward hull. Excelling at short range, its high speed allows it to close quickly with most other armor units and bring its full force to bear.


Abrams-B- The sole factory-produced variant of the tank, the Abrams-B replaces the LB 20-X with a single Rotary AC/5 and another Medium Pulse Laser.