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Custom Design
Designer None
Production information
Manufacturer None
Model ABM-1 Abomination
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 80 Tons
Chassis Wells 990
Armor Durallex Heavy Armor
Engine Pitban 240
Speed 54 km/hr
Jump Jets No
BV (1.0) 1,402
BV (2.0) N/A


When the small and relatively unknown mercenary company Eddie’s Irregulars came upon the gutted, but still functional, remains of a Charger after a raid on pirates they embraced the find with excitement as they were in desperate need of assault ‘Mechs. Though the BattleMech had no engine, gyro, or weapons to speak of, the mercs brought the hulk of the 'Mech before their head technician, Billy McDavis, who over the next several months turned the skeleton into his pet project. Using some of his own pocket money and drawing from the company’s small stockpiles of weapons and parts, Billy rebuilt the chassis until it was almost impossible to recognize the vehicle’s origins. The Abomination can be found at the forefront of any battle the Irregulars take part in, acting as a shield for the smaller BattleMechs and attempting to mash enemies into chunks of scrap. It first saw combat against raiders suspected of being connected to the Blakists on the planet Summer just inside the inhabitable zone and stood toe to toe for several minutes with a Gauss Rifle equipped Stalker.


Though much slower than the Charger that it originally sprang from, Eddie’s Irregulars wasted no space on the design in an attempt to produce the best rounded BattleMech possible. For long range, two Holly LRM-15s were mounted on the left torso to give the Charger heavy long-range punch. At closer ranges a Defiance AC/20 with two tons of extra ammo is mounted on the right torso and the left arm sports a Small Laser and Medium Laser; the weaponry is complimented by 15 single heat sinks. The weapon that earned the BattleMech its name is the six ton flail that replaces its right hand actuator; this weapon has proven to be devastating in close quarters and many pilots who faced the Irregulars in battle learned to avoid it at closer ranges; usually at the cost of one of their lance mates. The Abomination is well protected, even for an 80 ton BattleMech, mounting 11.5 tons of Durallex Heavy armor that allows it to take significant punishment in a fight and two Small Lasers mounted on the back of the left and right torso help ward off faster enemies trying to get an easy kill from behind.


The Abomination is one of a kind and has never been modified.

Noteable Pilots[]

Julius Pavalov is the most skilled member in the Irregulars when it comes to piloting and was given the privilege of piloting the Abomination. He usually uses his long-range missiles to soften up enemies before rushing into groups of enemies, where he joyfully uses his AC/20 and flail arm to scrap enemy BattleMechs, sometimes in a matter of seconds.