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Aaliyah Shaaban joined the Dust Devils shortly after graduating from the MechWarrior training program at the Guldra Academy of Martial Sciences, alongside classmate Tariq Barboza. It is not known why neither Shaaban nor Barboza went on to military service in the Aurigan Coalition, but since joining the Devils they have both proven to be capable MechWarriors.

MRBC Dossier - 3065[]


Upon its acquisition (presumed to have been the same source as Zoe de Haas's Mercury, as both designs are rare outside of ComStar or Word of Blake-affiliated forces) the Mongoose that Shaaban dubbed Khamaseen would have been considered a stock MON-66, but as with most of the Devils' 'Mechs a refit gives the machine a greater similarity to the MON-66b variant used by the old SLDF Royal Divisions, though the incorporation of ClanTech allows it to perform beyond the capabilities of even that legendary design.

Khamaseen incorporates an XL engine and double-strength heat sinks salvaged from a Clan Steel Viper Koshi, making up for the slight drop in power plant strength with upgraded myomers and the addition of a trio of jumpjets to meet or exceed the maneuverability of a stock Mongoose. Changes to the 'Mech's armament grant additional weight savings; the MON-66b's medium and large lasers have been replaced with lighter and harder-hitting ClanTech extended-range models, while the head-mounted small laser has been removed entirely in favor of an ECM suite. Paired with an additional ton of armor over the stock design, Khamaseen enjoys more durability without the loss of much in the way of firepower or speed. As would be expected for a fast scout, the Mongoose also incorporates a ClanTech active probe.

Khamaseen is painted in a base of the Devils' standard camel, with swirling patterns of granite on its limbs and coral highlights on plate edges. Shaaban's personal heraldry, a pair of crossed khopeshes, blades outward, with a flame set between and above, is painted on the right chest-plate.