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Author Steve Cross
Series Name AU Zukoverse Drabbles
Alternate Universe Name Zhukoverse
Year Written 2020
Story Era Battletech years 3051+


AU Zukoverse Drabbles (Abbreviated AZD) is a collection of short stories by Forum Posts done not unlike a anthology starting in November of 2020 on the forums.

Story Overview[]

The Drabbles focuses on aspects of Clan Hell's Horse after its conquest it's portion of the Inner Sphere, having being included as one of the invading Clans for Operation Revival. This is after the invasion, aspects of Hell's Horse society interacting in the Inner Sphere and it's citizenry as it working carve place themselves and future aspirations of finishing the invasion of the Inner Sphere and taking Terra.

Differences in Canon[]

Clan Hell's Horse was not part of the initial invasion of the Inner Sphere. Changes in this canon, stems back from Steve Cross's early works in his own self-funded / published Technical Readouts, which established changes in Clans prior to their arrival in the Inner Sphere in 3049.

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