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An American Tanker in Prince Davion's Court (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 28 - An American Tanker in Prince Davion's Court[]

The Fall of Comstar[]

December 3030- November 8th, 3031

The fall of Comstar began in December, 3030 when the Federated Commonwealth, The Draconis Combine, the Free Worlds League, and the Taurian Concordat united to remove what they considered to be an existential threat posed by Primus Myndo Waterly and her criminal clique.

On November 8th, 3031, the Alliance seized every HPG station aside from those in the Capellan Confederation and turned them to their own use. (despite Comstar's best efforts at sabotaging the network); simultaneously, the Order's warship fleets (hidden in the Ross 248 and Luyten 68-28 systems) were seized. On the afternoon of November 8th, 3031, Primus Myndo Waterly and the members of the First Circuit are meeting at Comstar’s compound on Hilton Head Island when their deliberations are suddenly interrupted by messages being simultaneously received from the HPG ‘A’ stations on New Avalon, Tharkad, Luthien, Atreus and Taurus. To the First Circuit’s great annoyance, the transmissions continue unabated for the next hour (despite the best efforts of the on-site tech staff to cut them off). The messages consist of a continual stream of classical and late 20th-century rock music; unbeknownst to Waterly and the other listeners, the selections were made to subconsciously relay that something was terribly wrong.

Five minute after the last song ended, another transmission from New Avalon comes through. Strangely enough, it is live; a format almost never used (except in the most critical circumstances) because of the incredible energy costs.v

Angrily, the Primus snaps ‘Put the message on the main screen NOW!!”

The message begins with a tune that neither the Primus or the members of the First Circuit have ever heard before:

Our World's about to break
Tormented and Attacked
Lost from when we wake
With no way to go back
I'm Standing on my own
But now I'm not alone
(Avengers Assemble)

Always we will fight as one
Till the battle's won
With evil on the run
We never come undone

Assemble, we are strong
Forever fight as one
Assembled we are strong
Forever fight as one

A moment or two later, the looks on the faces of Myndo Waterly and the other members of the First Circuit change from confusion to equal parts alarm and rage when the image of General James Hodges comes up on the screen.

“What? How is this possible?”
With a look on his face that could cold-start a ‘mech’s fusion reactor, Hodges replies “The previous program of musical enlightenment comes direct to you from the Third Corps School of Applied Asskicking”.

US III Armored Corps Insignia

United States III Armored Corp Insignia

A pause, then “Hello there, Mindy. I’ll bet that you never expected to see my happy smiling face again; especially after you tried to have me killed not once, but twice.” Sputtering with incandescent rage, Waterly almost screams “How dare you defile the Blessed Blake’s technology with your profane presence?? I swear by all that’s holy that you’ll pay for this outrage…”

Smiling malignantly, General Hodges responds “The question on your mind and those of the rest of your bunch of toga-wearing, toaster worshipping assclowns is just how did I manage to crack the HPG network and send you those songs and this broadcast? The simple answer is that, as of this morning, those parts of the HPG network in the Federated Commonwealth, the Draconis Combine, the Free World League and the Taurian Concordat are under new management. You see, my pals have gotten quite tired with your non-neutral ‘neutrality’ and your constant interference in their internal affairs; so, we decided that a change of ownership was in order. You and the First Circuit are wondering how we managed to crack the encryption on the HPG network’s operating system; to answer this question calls for a brief history lesson.”

“Well we’re waiting, blasphemer…”

“During the Second World War on Old Terra, the Nazis protected their communications with a device called ‘Enigma’. Their faith in the system was absolute, as they considered Enigma to be uncrackable; too bad for them, because that’s just what happened. As for what happened earlier today, that what I and my associates did to you. Our efforts were eased by the cooperation of the technical support staff at each and every one of the HPG stations in the Federated Commonwealth, the Draconis Combine, the Free World League, and the Taurian Concordat; you’d be amazed at how cooperative they were when we prevented the security personnel at each station from implementing your Omega Protocol and killing them all out of hand. Now, you might be thinking of calling up the warships in the Ross 248 and Luyten 68-28 systems. I regret to inform you that’s no longer possible, as those vessels are all under new ownership. It so happened that you people neglected to remove the Star League Naval anti-hijacking protocols which were hard-wired into those ships’ operating system at the time of construction; so, it was a simple matter for me to activate those protocols and space everyone aboard. If I were you, I’d be looking for someplace to hide right now…”

The transmission cuts off suddenly as a sensor tech comes up running breathlessly as says “Primus, Primus; forgive the interruption. Our screens are showing several massive jump signatures at several Pirate points around the Solar System; they are warships!!!”

“Call up the Com Guard and activate the planet’s SDS. As of now, Comstar is on a war footing…”

One of General Hodges’ first moves is to order his warships to take up station around Terra at such a distance that they’re out of range of the SDS’ weapons; so begins the blockade of Terra. Over the next 18th months, a number of attempts are made by Comstar to escape the planet and none of them succeed; some are captured and others are destroyed.

Below on Terra, Primus Myndo Waterly’s actions are becoming increasingly deranged. She harangues the First Circuit on an almost continual basis with demands “The Will of Blake demands this bastard heretic be thrown back in disgrace. Why does he still trouble the Blessed Order?” The situation continues until July 4th, 3032, when Precentor ROM Charles Seneca and Precentor Martial Nicholas Cassnew realize that Waterly is perfectly willing to drag all of what remains of Comstar down to destruction. Accordingly, they stage a coup where the Primus and all those on the First Circuit who are aligned with her policies are assassinated; General Hodges has no idea that the coup has taken place until he receives a transmission from Hilton Head Island. The substance of the transmission is as follows:

“Attention, this is Primus Charles Seneca; Myndo Waterly and her cohorts on the First Circuit have been removed and I wish to open negotiations regarding the lifting of the blockade.”

General Hodges’ response is succinct and to the point “No terms but immediate and unconditional surrender will be accepted; I propose to move immediately upon your works.” Primus Seneca replies “What do you want?”

Hodges replies “I’ve got control of the space around Terra and none of Comstar’s escape attempts have succeeded. Order the Space Defense System to stand down, lay down your weapons and you can leave; if there are any attempts to sabotage what remains behind on Terra, I’ll order my warships to open fire on Hilton Head Island and blast it into the next quadrant. Do you understand?”

“I understand, General; orders to deactivate the SDS are going out as we speak.”

“Very well; Hodges out.”

48 hours later, General Hodges and his command staff arrive on Terra. The evacuation of what remains of Comstar’s personnel begins under the watchful eyes of Hodges’ warships and is completed three weeks later. Primus Seneca and his people find themselves in the Capellan Confederation, where Romano Liao had previously offered them sanctuary.

Of the Com Guard’s 144 BattleMech regiments on Terra, 30 had already been deployed to the Capellan Confederation in order to safeguard the HPG stations in that realm; thus, 114 regiments were confiscated by the Alliance. These ‘mechs were subsequently distributed to the several realms based on the sizes of their populations. In the aftermath of Comstar’s fall and the retaking of Terra, General Hodges was raised to the rank of Field Marshal in the armed forces of the Federated Commonwealth.

Reaching Out[]

Northwind, Federated Commonwealth
August 12th, 3032

In 3028 at the start of the Fourth Succession War, Ardan Sortek acted on behalf of First Prince Hanse Davion and made an offer to the four regiments of the Northwind Highlanders to the effect that, if they were to leave the service of the Capellan Confederation and join the Federated Commonwealth, they would be allowed to garrison their home planet of Northwind; since the planet's independence wasn't guaranteed, Clan Jaffray chose to stay with the Confederation.

Previously on June 10th, 3032, Field Marshal Hodges sent back-channel messages to Loren Jaffray (Chief of Clan Jaffray) and the heads of the other Highlander Martial families requesting that they come to meet with him on Bristol. The Highlander delegation arrived in Bristol in due course on August 12th and was conducted to Field Marshal Hodges' home on the outskirts of Cardiff; the customary greetings were exchanged and Hodges opened by saying "welcome to Bristol, gentlemen; it's a pleasure to see you here." Colonel Jaffray responds "sir, pardon me for being so blunt, but I risked a great deal by coming here."

"You did indeed, Colonel; so I'll get right to the point. I ma completely-familiar with the history of the Highlanders, going back to when your people constituted the majority of the Royal Black Watch; serving as bodyguards to the First Lord of the Star League from 2572 until 2766. Passing over the tragic destruction of the regiment by the Usurper during the coup on December 27th of that year, I will refer to the secret reformation of the Regiment in 2835..."

This pronouncement causes considerable excited discussion among the Highlander officers , when Colonel Jaffray responds "Field Marshal, just how the hell do you know about the regiment? No one else outside the several family heads and the members of the unit are supposed to be aware of its existence."

"Gentlemen, please don't be alarmed as I am very well-informed about a great many subjects; I also mean the Highlanders no harm. Now, as to why I called you here, I have bene authorized by the First Prince to offer the Northwind Highlanders the independence of your home planet; all that the First Prince asks for is that the Clan Jaffray return to the Highlanders. Colonel, Romano Liao is a raging psychopath who is completely -unworthy of your continued loyalty. I'll have you know that she's made three separate attempts to have me killed; the most recent attempt involving the assassin known as the Dancing Joker. As to what happened, suffice it to say that he failed."

Jaffray responds "Sir, I seem to recall hearing that the Dancing Joker's luck had run out. Are you saying that you're the one responsible?"

"Yes, I am. When the hit failed, I killed him with my bare hands, cut off his head and sent it back to Romano packed in dry ice along with my compliments. As backup, Rommie had engaged the services of the Bounty Hunter; when he heard what happened to the Dancing Joker, he declined the contract."

"Indeed. What might you be offering? Romano Liao isn't the kind of person to be crossed lightly, you know."

"Along with making the First Prince's offer of independence for Northwind, I am prepared to refit the Highlanders with new-build HGN-32s; these machines are faster and better-armed than the originals, and will be fitted with certain new technologies that I have developed. I conservatively estimate that these refits will double the combat-effectiveness of the Highlanders as a unit. If this isn't enough, I provided certain information to the First Prince, information that enabled him to make a full recovery of a very large Star League supply depot on the planet of Antares; the equipment stored there comprised an entire duplicate gear set for the SLDF's II Corps. Among the equipment stored in the depot is a duplicate set of BattleMechs and tanks for the original Royal Black Watch Regiment..."

With looks of sheer amazement writ large on the faces of his companions, Colonel Jaffray responds "Just what kind of mechs and tanks are you talking about?"

"How about two full battalions of heavies (72 units), one battalion of assaults (36 units) and two battalions of Manticore Heavy Tanks (36 units)? These are all top-of-the-line Royal-grade machines..."

Without the slightest hesitation, the response is "sir, I accept. Is there perhaps something that you want for yourself?"

"Only this, Colonel. At some time in the future (and that day may never come), I will ask only one service of the Highlanders. If that day does come, the Highlanders must respond with all the forces at your command."


Field Marshal Hodges shakes hands with Colonel Jaffray and says "gentlemen, as tokens of my esteem, I wish to give the Clan Council of the Highlanders certain items from my personal collection of arms and armor."

"And these are?"

"The first item is a basket-hilted claidheamh mòr carried by a member of Clan Cameron at the Battle of Culloden in 1745, a Cameron-pattern spiked targe (also from Culloden), a claidheamh dà làimh used at the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689, a pair of Murdoch-pattern 'rams-horn' flintlock pistols (with stocks of gilt copper alloy, blued barrels chased with gold and an engraved lock) and an officers-grade snaphaunce carbine with chiseled iron mounts. Now what say you; do you accept?"


One month later in September 3032, Field Marshal Hodges finds himself on Colchester, home of the famed Eridani Light Horse. In meetings with Brevet General Nathan Armstrong and his command staff, Hodges offers to refit the ELH with advanced mechs, vehicles and equipment. Not surprisingly, General Armstrong accepts the offer as Hodges’ reputation had preceded him.

Reaching Out - Part 2[]

June 6th, 3033

Over the previous nine months, Field Marshal Hodges spent much of his time re-integrating Terra back into the Inner Sphere. Upon advice from Coordinator Takashi Kurita (which advice being confirmed by First Prince Hanse Davion and Archon Katria Steiner), the status of Terra is now one of neutrality, with the planet being held in trust until such time as the Star League (or a legitimate successor government) can assume control.

A delegation from the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere (consisting of First Prince Hanse Davion, Archon Katrina Steiner, Coordinator Takashi Kurita, Duchess Candace Liao and Thomas Calderon from the Taurian Condordat) arrives on Terra to survey the planet’s state of affairs. Field Marshal Hodges meets them at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and says “Welcome to Terra; I think you’ll find everything in order.”

The First Prince exchanges looks with the other members of the delegation and says “Field Marshal, my presence here and that of my fellow house lords is an indication that affairs in the Inner Sphere have taken a turn for the better. I don’t think that I’m exaggerating when I say that the Great Houses are now more united than at any time since before the fall of the Star League.”

“Indeed, Your highness.”

From Takashi Kurita comes the question “Hodges-san, what are you going to do next?”

“Kurita-sama, perhaps a tour of several historical buildings and location in what used to be the United States of America is in order. We’ll begin here at the Capital Building, then to the White House and after that, Arlington National Cemetery and finally, the battlefield of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania When I took control of Terra, I was amazed to find Washington D.C in such a state of preservation; apparently, Comstar regarded the city and its environs as a historic site and acted to preserve it over the centuries. Even more amazing is the fact that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is still being guarded by the 3rd Infantry Regiment. In days of old, the 3rd was an active formation of the United States Army and was charged with the duty of guarding the tomb. When the United States was subsumed into the Terran Alliance, the Old Guard was maintained as a ceremonial unit and continued their guard duties; which status continuing through the time of the Star League. When the Star League fell and Comstar took control of Terra, the Old Guard was disestablished as a formal organization and its duties were taken up by the families of the 3rd’s last active members; they are still guarding the tomb even today.”

Following the meeting, the next order of business for the Alliance is to see to the restoration of Unity City on Puget Sound, and to the retrieval of the bodies of First Lord Richard Cameron and his family from the throne room so they can be given a proper burial. Six months later, Field Marshal Hodges turns Terra over to an administrative council chosen by the Alliance Council; before leaving for Bristol, he sends coded messages to the heads of the Great Houses saying “It’s time to go to work.”

Reaching Out - Part 3[]

McEvedy’s Folly, Deep Periphery
February 2nd, 3034

The Periphery, near the borders of the Marian Hegemony and the Magistracy of Canopus.

While engaged in his own part of the general military buildup taking place across the Inner Sphere, Field Marshal Hodges makes arrangements for a visit to McEvedy’s Folly in the Periphery; known to him as a refuge for the descendants of Clan Wolverine. Upon arriving at the system’s jump point, Hodges boards his personal dropship and makes his way towards the planet. After taking up a standard orbit, Hodges sends a message saying “This is Field Marshal James Hodges, AFFC aboard Bristol One. I am requesting landing clearance and a meeting with your leadership.”

From Traffic Control, the response is swift “Roger that, Bristol One; be advised that your message was received and that you have been expected. Landing clearance is granted, coordinates to follow.”

“Copy that, Traffic Control, Hodges out.”

After making planetfall, Field Marshal Hodges is conducted to the planet’s largest city Minneapolis (named for the capitol city of the old North American state of Minnesota) where the leadership of the no-longer lost tribe waist to meet him. First to speak is Richard McEvedy, who says “Welcome to McEvedy’s Folly, Field Marshal. Your reputation has preceded you, particularly with respect to the destruction of Comstar.”

“Just so, Mr. McEvedy or, should I say ‘Khan?’”


“From the looks of surprise on your face and those of your companions, you’re wonder just how I know that term. To speak plainly, I know who you people are, where you came from and the circumstances under which you came to be here. The main reason why I decided to reach out to you is my sense of justice and fair play; there’s almost nothing that offends my sensibilities more than what happened to your clan’s annihilation. Rather than being an ‘enlightened’ leader, Nicholas Kerensky demonstrated that he was nothing more than an arrogant, egotistical, jumped-up, swaggering little tinpot dictator with delusions of godhood; he got all bunched up because your clan opposed his policies and, rather than doing the reasonable thing and negotiating an acceptable solution, he decided to remove you from the equation. It started with Clan Widowmaker ratting you out not the Grand Council about your wanting to secede and return to the Inner Sphere by yourselves. Then, Clan Diamond Shark framed you for the destruction of Clan Snow Raven’s genetic repository, using a nuclear weapon that had been stolen from the recently-discovered Brian Cache on Circe by Khan Jason Karigge of Clan Widowmaker; Clan Wolf is an accessory after the fact because they knew the truth of what happened (from their possession of Nicholas Kerensky’s diaries), yet made no attempt to correct the historical record.”

“Field Marshal, even after all this time, not a day goes by when we Wolverines don’t remember how cruelly we were used by the other Clans; all we wanted to do was to go our own way in peace. Instead, their lies and treachery made us monsters; in return, we’ll be perfectly happy in visiting that nightmare back upon them. Yet, two questions occur to me; how is it that you (an outsider) know so much about us? What is it that you want?”

“As for how I gained my familiarity with your tragic history, suffice it to say that I have intelligence sources that are so deep and so black that they make space itself seem as bright as the noonday sun. In regards to your second question, what I want is for the Minnesota Tribe to come in out of the cold and reform the 331st Royal BattleMech Division. I have the complete backing of First Prince Hanse Davion and Archon Katrina Steiner in this, and you’ll have my complete logistical and financial support…”

“To what end, Field Marshal?”

“My intelligence sources tell me that the Grand Council is preparing to undertake Operation: Revival sometime within the next 14 years or so. I’ll be the first to wager that you’d like another crack at the bunch that rode you out of town on a rail. The original 331st Division had two mech brigades with 324 units each and one brigade of mechanized infantry with 3,024 troops. If you agree with my proposal, I’ll refit you with all-new equipment (plus a few new goodies of my own invention). Now, what say you all?”



March 27th, 3048

Even though ROM Precentor Arabella Bradford previously received a coded communication telling of Comstar’s situation, she and her crew (being true devotees of the Blessed Order’s cause) decided to continue with their mission. Their forays into the Periphery continued until August 7th, 3047 when the Outbound Light jumped into (what was to them) an unknown G7V system. Unfortunately for them, the planet they encountered was Huntress; the capital world of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

The expedition was captured by Smoke Jaguar OmniFighters before Bradford and her people could escape; thereafter, they were interrogated by a number of different techniques (including mind-altering drugs and sensory deprivation). The interrogation revealed a great deal of information regarding the state of affairs in the Inner Sphere, to include the Federated Commonwealth’s technological renaissance. Armed with this information, Khan Leo Showers went before the Grand Council and presented only the most damning pieces in an effort to portray the Spheroid barbarians (as he called them) as posing an imminent threat. Not surprisingly, the Grand Council voted in favor of invasion. After leaving the Conclave, Khan Showers issued orders that the captured Comstar personnel were to be quietly eliminated and their ships destroyed so that no information could possibly leak out about the true state of affairs.

Operation Revival began on March 27th 3048, when IlKhan Leo Showers declared all of the region to be open territory (meaning that any clan could attack any planet they chose) with the four invading clans (Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar, Wolf, Ghost Bear) striking all across the Periphery. Clan Steel Viper was designated the reserve clan, while the Nova Cats and Diamond Sharks earned the right (via Trials of Refusal) to be called upon if additional clans were needed.

Through additional bidding, the Jade Falcons won the right to go after the Federated Commonwealth, while the Smoke Jaguars did the same for the Draconis Combine. All throughout the Periphery, things began to go wrong for Operation Revival almost immediately. The Clans quickly overcame resistance in the several pirate strongholds, but were much-less successful with regards to the Greater Valkyrate, the Oberon Confederation, the Elysian Fields and the Outworlds Alliance. Here, the governing authorities of those dominions had previously received an advance warning of what was to come, plus advanced sensor and weapons technology from Field Marshal Hodges; with this information and materiel in hand, they were able to mount a much more effective resistance than would have been previously possible. This was by Hodges’ design, goading the Clans to commit all of their front-line galaxies and reserves in order to sustain the advance (when they should have had some of their forces left in reserve).

As luck would have it, first contact between the military forces of the Clans and those of the Inner Sphere came on April 5th, 3048 on a planet known as ‘The Rock’; which system being located in a region of the Periphery known as the Barrens. On that day, Phelan Kell and his fellow MechWarriors in the 2nd Regiment of the Kell Hounds mercenary group were on the Rock as they had been contracted by the system’s government to engage the pirates infesting the area. While engaged in this task, the 2nd Regiment was encountered by a Wolf Clan strike force led by Vladimir Ward; in the battle which followed, the regiment was overwhelmed and Phelan Kell was killed..

Though quite small by later standards, the Battle of the Rock was significant in that the after-action reports provided the Crusaders what they thought was actionable intelligence on the state of the Inner Sphere’s military forces; time would go on to prove they were quite wrong.


April 5th, 3048

Another significant action against the Clans also took place on April 5th, 3048, when the Jade Falcons landed the 94th Strike Cluster of their Peregrine Galaxy on Somerset. Commanded by Star Colonel Nikolai Malthus, this force consisted of three OmniMech trinaries, one Elemental trinary and one OminiFghter trinary. The standard batchall was issued, and Malthus found himself opposed by a mixed group consisting of the Somerset Academy training battalion (led by Kommandant Brooks Campi with Andrew Steiner as his XO) and the remnants of the 8th Arcturan Guards and the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, which units were heavily-damaged elsewhere in the Periphery and had evacuated to Somerset..

The 94th Strike Cluster made planetfall at Somerset’s main spaceport outside the city of Hollyfield and were initially opposed by the Somerset battalion and elements of the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs. Fighting lasted the better part of two days and concluded on the grounds of the Somerset Military Academy; in a stand which later became famous throughout the Inner Sphere, Kommandant Brooks Campi and his command lance fought a delaying action which allowed his XO Andrew Steiner to evacuate the cadets to the wilds elsewhere on the continent of Bath. The most famous part of the engagement came when Campi ejected from his destroyed mech; Star Colonel Mathus made an attempt to capture him, but was killed when Campi fired on Malthus’ mech with his personal sidearm. Campi died from his wounds and amazingly, his shot found a flaw in the armor on the mech’s center torso. It managed to penetrate through to the fusion reactor and cause damage which set in motion a cascade failure that resulted in the explosion of the reactor and the total destruction of Malthus’ mech.

Elsewhere on Somerset’s Grady Plateau, the 8th Arcturan Guards fought for a total of four days, during which time they managed to destroy one of the 94th Strike Cluster’s OmniMech trinaries, 40% of the Elemental trinary and half of their OmniFighter Trinary. By the time they were able to go to ground and join the remnants of the Somerset Battalion and the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs, the 8th Arcuran Guards had lost two of their three remaining mech companies, two companies of tanks, one regiment of infantry, two batteries of artillery and half of their Shilone aerospace fighters.

Shilone Aerospace Fighter (In planetary Skies - Farseer Animation Version)

Shilone Aerospace Fighter making a pass on enemies planet side.

As ranking officer among the surviving military assets on Somerset, Andrew Steiner assumed command and is now leading them in a series of guerilla actions against the Clan occupying force; Steiner’s last action before evacuating was to send a message to his brother Adam on Tharkad informing him of what happened and requesting support.

In order to annoy the Jade Falcons even further, Andrew Steiner’s partisans took to spray-painting the caption ‘WOLVERINES’ on the vehicles, buildings and mechs they destroyed. Elsewhere throughout the Clan occupation zone, other resistance groups have taken up this practice, along with shouting the word as a defiant battlecry.

October 2nd, 3049

The Battle of Wolcott took place on October 2nd, 3049 after Gunji No-Kanrei Theodore Kurita decided to draw Clan Smoke Jaguar into an engagement whose purpose was to further demonstrate that the Clans weren’t invincible. Acting on his father’s orders, Hohiro Kurita answered the batchall issued when Galaxy Commander Dietr Osis and Beta Galaxy arrived in orbit over Wolcott.

As defender, Hohiro Kurita was entitled to decide the ground on which the battle will take place; his choice were the marshes and swamps that covered much of Wolcott’s eastern continent. His reasons for making this choice were that the trees and brush would provide cover for his forces, while forcing the Smoke Jaguars to fight at close range.

While Dietr Osis was preparing to land his forces, Hohiro Kurita endeavored to make things difficult for the Clanners by digging tiger pits all throughout the likely avenues of approach and sewing them with vibrabombs. Additionally, strips of aluminum were tied to the branches of trees all throughout the area in order to confuse enemy sensor scans.

The troops commanded by Hohiro Kurita weren’t the green Yuutsu regiments that Dietr Osis had been led to believe; instead, there were two veteran regiments of the Genyosha. These regiments had their identities concealed behind false unit records and had been secretly transferred to Wolcott by order of the Gunji No-Kanrei.

Savannah Master (In Combat - Farseer Animation Version)

Savannah Master Scout Hovercraft

The landings began at Swamp Valley, with Osis’ dropships hovering a few meters above the ground while discharging their OmniMechs and Elementals to form a perimeter. The presence of Hohiro Kurita’s mechs were disguised by their coats of camouflage paints, the artificial chaff, plus the fact that only those heat sinks located below the waterline were operating (principally those located in the legs of the mechs). Suddenly, the Clan mechs were taken by surprise when they were attacked by Savannah Master hovercraft which sprang from concealment and attacked with their medium lasers.

Hired Steel - Hover Tank (Attacking by TMC Group)

Hover Tank on the attack

Follow-up attacks were made by heavy Drillson and Saracen hovertanks under cover of LRM barrages fired by Hohiro Kurita’s heavy mechs. Dietr Osis’ forces found themselves pinned down and unable to move effectively, which made them vulnerable to further hit-and-run attacks by the Combine’s Savannah Master hovercraft and light mechs. After some eight or nine hours of fighting, Dietr Osis surrendered. Under the terms of the batchall, the Smoke Jaguars gave up two stars of OmniMechs, along with a star’s worth of Elemental Battle Armor. Upon the conclusion of the surrender, one of Dietr Osis’ Elementals tried to kill him for his perceived weakness; the attempt was unsuccessful as Hohiro Kurita saw what was about to happen and put a bullet through the Elemental’s visor.

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