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An American Tanker in Prince Davion's Court (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 1 - An American Tanker in Prince Davion's Court[]

New Avalon Institute of Science
College of Biology & Medicine
February 7th, 3028

A doctor, two nurses and a number of government officials are crowded around a hospital bed in the treatment wing of the NAIS College of Biology & Medicine, observing that patient lying there. One of the nurses observes the patient's vitals as displayed on the monitor next to the bed and says "Dr. Stewart, the patient is beginning to wake up."

Immediately, the other people in the room turn and focus their attention on the man lying in bed.




"Where…Who…what happened? How did I get here?"

"General Hodges, my name is Dr. Charles Stewart and I am your attending physician. As to what happened and how you got here, you were found lying unconscious on the floor of your house. Medical aid was summoned and you were brought here."

"Doc, it's obvious to me that you're holding something back. Where the hell am I?"

One of the other people looks to Dr. Stewart and says "Tell him. He deserves to know."

"Yes, sir."

A pause, then "General Hodges, I don't know quite how to tell you this, so I'm just going to tell you. You are in the Hospital attached to the New Avalon Institute of Science…"

Hodges cuts off Dr. Stewart with a sharp gesture and barks angrily "New Avalon Institute of Science? You have got to be kidding me…"

The civilian who first spoke to Dr. Stewart fixes his gaze on the patient and says "General Hodges, my name is Quintus Allard and we have a great deal to talk about…"

The shock of hearing that name causes Hodges' eyes to roll back in his head


Quintus Allard remarks to one of his aides "Well, that didn't go as well as I had hoped. Dr. Stewart, please let me know when our guest regains consciousness."

"Yes, Director."

Just then, of of Quintus' aides comes into the room with an excited look of concern on his face.

"Sir, you need to look at this..."

The aide hands over a rectangular cardboard box with an illustrated lid. Emblazoned on the cover are the words 'Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat'.

"Send a message to the office of the First Prince; flag it as being of CRITIC importance. Tell his highness that his presence is urgently requested here. Details upon arrival."

"Yes, sir."

Author's Chapter Notes[]

LTG James Hodges, U.S Army (great-grandson of GEN Courtney Hodges)
USMA honor graduate, class of 1990
Bsc Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, minors in Computer Science and nuclear engineering
Honor Graduate, Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course
Honor Graduate, Army Reconnaissance Course (recipient of the J.W Thurman Award)
Honor Graduate, Cavalry Leader Course
Honor Graduate, Maneuver Captain’s Career Course
Distinguished Graduate, National War College
Distinguished Graduate, U.S Army Command and General Staff College; MMaS School of Advanced Military Studies
PhD Military History, Kansas State University; doctoral dissertation on the operational art of Nathan Bedford Forrest

2LT: 19900523 (graduated from USMA, 1st in his class)
Platoon LDR, E troop, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment; CPT H.R McMaster commanding; won the DSC at 73 Easting
1LT: 19901128
CPT: 19931001
MAJ: 20000801 (below the zone promotion)
LTC: 20050901 (below the zone promotion)
COL: 20100201 (below the zone promotion)
BG: 20130201
Commandant, U.S Armor School, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Maneuver Center
MG: 20140201
Commanding General, 1st Armored Division; Commander, Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF)
Awarded the KBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his actions in Iraq
LTG: 20160601
Commanding General, III Corps, Ft. Hood, Texas

Medals, Decorations and Badges
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Medal - w/ oak leaf cluster
Defense Superior Service Medal
Legion of Merit - w/ 2 bronze oak leaf clusters
Soldiers Medal (for non-combat heroism)
Bronze Star Medal - w/ 2 bronze oak leaf clusters
Purple Heart
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal - w/ silver oak leaf cluster
Army Commendation Medal - w/silver oak leaf cluster
Army Achievement Medal - w/ bronze oak leaf cluster
National Defense Service Medal - w/ bronze service star
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ service star
Iraq Campaign Medal w/ service star
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
NATO Medal
Multinational Force and Observers Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
Army Service Ribbon
combat action badge
Overseas Ribbon - w/ numeral 2)
Parachutist Badge (went while at USMA)
Ranger Tab (went after Captains Career Course)
Air Assault Tab (went while at USMA)

Unit Awards
Presidential Unit Citation
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Meritorious Unit Commendation
Army Superior Unit Award

Regimental Awards and Decorations
Order of Saint George Medallion in Silver (Armor)
Honorable Order of Saint Barbara (Field Artillery)
Order of Saint Maurice - Legionnaire

Skill Badges
Distinguished Rifleman
Distinguished Pistol Shot
Expert Marksman-submachinegun
Expert Marksman-shotgun

IQ: 195, has photographic memory
Plays the piano, guitar and violin

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