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  • Year = 3138
  • Commander = Julian Kennedy
  • JumpShips = Yes
  • DropShips = Yes
  • Aero = Yes
  • Armor = Yes
  • Infantry = Yes

Founded in the year 3067 by the current commander's father, Jacob Kennedy, from the remnants of a disgraced Clan Jade Falcon Galaxy that had fled CJF space after it's leader was disgraced in a Trial of Annihilation. His Galaxy was disgraced and forced to flee from CJF space. After desperately pulling through for several decades afterwards, finally, Jacob Kennedy found the survivors, took them, and formed the 7th Beta Galaxy Rangers. After forming them into a mercenary company by merging them with the remnants of a ravaged militia, he formed the company. After taking on contracts and completing them with almost abnormal successfulness, a contract which they eventually found out was made like it was on purpose, they met with the same man from CJF that had disgraced them years ago.

An epic battle was fought between the forces, and when the smoke cleared, only the Rangers remained.

Currently, they are serving the Republic on several worlds, upholding their excellent reputation.


Telos IVEdit

In the year 3105, the Rangers saw action on Telos IV. Among the freakish tornadoes and rain of the planet, they clashed with a Draconis Combine force. They quickly defeated the first wave of attackers, but the second wave contained a lance of Atlas 'Mechs. These ravaged the Rangers forces, forcing them to withdraw from the planet, and lose their contract. This caused a major hole in the reputation to form.

Z'Al KabrEdit

In the year 3138, the Rangers were ordered by the RotS to assault the city of Z'Al Kabr. On the morning of October 7th, 3138, the attack was launched.